VG247 - Project Cafe rumour round-up

VG247 - As we get closer to E3 and the promised unveiling of Nintendo’s mysterious Project Cafe, the air is thick with rumours. Fortunately, there are people who have carefully collated all the news that’s fit to print.

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SpaceSquirrel2808d ago

I can't wait to see it finally unveiled

SpLinT2807d ago

I'll be waiting for it to be unveiled

MasterCornholio2807d ago

I cant wait for E3 to come so Nintendo can stop these bungholes from spreading out rumors on the console. I know that its comming but there were a lot of different articles about specs and controller design that i dont really know whats real or whats fake. Anyways I hope that Nintendo doesnt make the same mistake as Microsoft and use some sort of high density media for their console. Bluray would be best though.

zero_cool2806d ago

I personally think nintendo will use mobile processors & mobile memory inside project cafe.I also believe nintendo will allow full cloud support with project cafe to supplement the online experience.Also i firmly believe nintendo will redesign the wiimote with upgraded motion tech,wireless tech,a more comfortable design,more user features,functionality & versatility.I also believe nintendo will use a custom mobile user interface like say android or something similar to it.I mean you got some powerful yet efficient mobile tech available to the market that rivals current console & pc tech available that meets next gen requirements.