Seriously Gears of War

Gamesutra: A Gears of War Achievement Info-graph.

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NobleGamer2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I feel sorry for the low lives that actually attempted these achievements. Serious waste of time serious waste of life.

The funny thing is I hacked these achievements and many did too, I am sure people are aware that Gears 1 & 2 had game saves which unlocked the all the achievements. SPG ( Second Profile Glitch )

I played the game legit and did all which can be done and without not a grind, and then used the exploit to hack all achievements left and got the seriously ones within a minute.

Active Reload2718d ago

You call people that actually got the 'cheevos the correct way "low lives" but pat yourself on the back for actually doing it the "low lives" way? Please do the gaming community a favor and stop gaming.

dragonelite2718d ago

who are you to tell someone is a low life if he spend 100 hours playing gears getting that achievement while you probably spend 200 hours playing other games.



You dont sound noble to me pal

montyburns0002717d ago

so instead of just playing the game for what it is you cheat the system?

seems like your the one that is a waste of life, i bet you cheat at other games too. fuckin pansy

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