Namco Bandai Targets 400,000 for Tales of Xillia, Hints at New God Eater

Andriasang: A supplemental earnings statement released today by Namco Bandai has some big news if you look closely.

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Senden2769d ago

400,000? Surely they'd sell near that by releasing this game worldwide? Not to mention surely the JRPG fanbase is bigger than the Ace Combat one?

Redempteur2769d ago

it's doable in japan only i think

on a console with rpg lovers, and with a dream-team at work and proper advertising's perfectly doable ..

Redrum0592769d ago

it would sell more if they braught it over seas >:(

atleast creat an english translation captions options for those who are willing to spend extra to import.

StbI9902769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Nah, it would reach that easily on ps3 over japan...Cough cough ¨IF¨ the game is actually good that is cough cough...

lelo2play2769d ago

Make the game multiplatform... it will sell more.

2769d ago