On The Brink Of Change

Gamasutra: Splash Damage was originally founded by multiplayer-focused mod makers, and has been trying to find a way to turn the tight, cooperative gameplay of hardcore PC games of the '90s into polished, appealing, accessible experience for the console shooter fans of today.

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ChronoJoe3131d ago

I hope Brink sees success. I'm picking it up on the EU release (friday) but it seems good from what I've seen.

joydestroy3131d ago

it is. don't listen to all the hate being spread lol
good game here.

jriquelme_paraguay3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

There are 2 kinds of gamers...
Gamers playing games
"Gamers" whinning about everything on N4G.
About, Brink, Socom, ME2, DA2...


ps3alldayeveryday3131d ago

Great game! I would give it a 8.5/10, and that's without trying the online yet since PSN is still down.

Jazz41083131d ago

I wish I would have saved my money. The graphics are outdated and it plays likea mp game with no sp story. Its all get this done it x amount of time with a squad of very ugly characters.

ChronoJoe3131d ago

Sounds like you don't like the artstyle. Not sure what you expected to get out of the game, given that.

soundslike3131d ago

"There is definitely a buzz, a satisfaction that comes from coordinated team-play that cannot be achieved in a deathmatch server or a team deathmatch server or even a very basic, objective-driven team deathmatch server.

The reason I think this is true is because, even if I go back to my clan days -- I've played Team Fortress for two years at tournament level; I've played team deathmatch at tournament level; I've played CTF at tournament level. So I've had that experience for years and years and years, and I know what the pros and cons are at those different experiences."


XIIIWARRIOR413131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

This is a very different type of game and I love it. This is not a game for campers (they would get fcked!) This game is fast paced with small maps. Gameplay is very different then your average FPS. After an objective you have to change your class in order to succeed and or win. I guess that's why some idiots on here don't like it, because you can't camp for long, otherwise, your screwed!