Tons of Mass Effect 3 details

Many new Mass Effect 3 details from this month's Xbox World.

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shayol33t2807d ago

Hot damn, this is shaping up (1mm) to be good. Enjoyed the last two, this should hopefully not go the route of DA2

Kal8532807d ago

That's exactly what I'm hoping. How the game turns out will either validate everyone's faith in BioWare as a leading rpg maker just as they've always been, or confirm our fears the they've succumbed to being EA-ized and lost what made them great.

Spitfire_Riggz2807d ago

CANT WAIT!!! Its going to be fun fighting for the alliance again. The elusive man was just too selfish. Ah well spending 3 billion on someone would make me selfish too XD

SLEDGE2807d ago

Oh shit, things are getting closer and closer to spoiler town :D
Day 1 buy.

Hope they bring a gameplay vid to E3 so we can see the new features in action.

Tony P2807d ago

I just want to know the mechanics and systems kept/ditched/improved.

gta_manic2807d ago

Really can't wait to see what they put out. Hopefully they wont rush it like DA2 and really bring out it's full potential.

PS. Go Canucks Go

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