GTTV Episode 410 Promo

Single and multiplayer footage confirmed for Playstation 3 exclusive announcement.

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Dart893351d ago

i just want a release date for Starhawk and some gameplay footage.

KingDustero3351d ago

I'm hoping for July myself. It would either be that or August since Sony has the rest of the months covered with exclusives this year.

sickbird3351d ago

the game hasn't even been announced yet and you think its going to come out this summer?

guitarded773351d ago

Sweet, they said "single and multi-player action". I wonder what the campaign will be like?

KingDustero3351d ago


Well the game has been in development for at least three and a half years if not four now. So it'll for sure be done this year. July and August are the only two months left that do not have a major PS3 exclusive coming out.

So I'm just putting two and two together. People have been hyping the sequel to Warhawk for a while now. Sony just needs to show some amazing footage and advertise well for two months.

I HIGHLY doubt they'll hold the game until 2012. August is a more likely month though, but I'm hoping for July.

Devin93x3351d ago

There's no way they are dropping Starhawk this summer, or fall. At the earliest, my guess is December, but I doubt that it will be out then. I am thinking more like Jan., or Feb or even later than that, maybe even summer 2012 at the latest.

sickbird3351d ago

when has a game ever been released just a few months after announcement? never.

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LOGICWINS3351d ago

An announcement of an announcement. Watevs, I have my DVR ready for Friday.

BiggCMan3351d ago

For "Friday". Yes it is Friday morning technically, I love how Geoff says Thursday at 1am :/ Real bright.

Dart893351d ago

Lol i always watch this on thursday nite not friday morning

BiggCMan3351d ago

Yea, I mean its not a new day for me until I wake up, even if I go to sleep at 3am or something. But him being a professional, he should use correct wording. Its no big deal, just something that caught my ear. I nitpick at this show cuz I don't really like the host. I can't deny that they get good exclusive reveals though, the only reason I still care about the VGA's.

fr0sty3351d ago

I produce a TV show for a living, and in the broadcast world the "day" goes from 5:30am-5:30am. They always say "Thursday 1am" when they actually mean Friday at 1am. I have to deal with this every time I buy airtime.

lazertroy3351d ago

What if it's not Starhawk?

KingDustero3351d ago

Even better since Starhawk (sequel to Warkhawk) is for sure Dylan Jobe's next game. If this game isn't it that means there's one more PS3 exclusive to look forward to.

However I'm pretty sure this is Starhawk. Why would Sony announce TWO big exclusives on the SAME day?

Devin93x3351d ago

I want to try to match that blurred out image to Dylan Jobe if I can find another interview clip like that.

ajeben8093351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Look at the blurred developers neck. See the freckle? Now look at Jobes neck. :)

3351d ago
macky3013351d ago

Playstation rules,.. It really does.

Devin93x3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I'm thinking that it is Jobe in the blurred interview clip. Seems like like he has lost weight, and has same hairstyle.

Also, what is the game footage at the very beginning??? The first 2 seconds is of a game, I have no idea what it is.

house3351d ago

i was about to post the same clip im more than sure its star hawk before and after watching this clip looking forward to Friday!!

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