New Ryuji Goda screens released for Yakuza of the End

Examiner writes "Several new screenshots have been released for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive, Yakuza of the End, showcasing Ryuji Goda and his background story."

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Cloudberry2717d ago

He'll be pissed if you called him that, lol.

InLaLaLand2716d ago

'There can be only 'one' ryu to exist' lol.

maverick402716d ago

When is this coming out?Is this yakuza 5?

Cloudberry2716d ago

And no.

This is not exactly "Yakuza 5" / Yakuza 4 sequel.

It's a spin-off title, using the familiar characters of Yakuza series & turned it into action third person shooter + zombies.

But some of the Yakuza game-play elements is still there.

256bit2716d ago

i wish kenzan was localized.