E3 2011 Countdown - Uncharted 3

MMGN writes: The Uncharted series has become somewhat of a system-seller for Sony. It is a series that has come from nowhere to stamp itself atop the third-person action-adventure genre. It's smooth, gorgeous and enjoyable, and has everything you could want from a single-player campaign. Everything from the characters and narrative to the settings and gameplay mechanics help make this series what it is. Uncharted 3 looks to be no different, and E3 2011 looks set to be the setting for the game to be showcased in all of its glory.

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MultiConsoleGamer2716d ago

Game of the Year, Every Year.

alousow2716d ago

this sexy beast called Uncharted 3 + the black beast called PS3 = super Beast with tones of Awards

FACTUAL evidence2716d ago

Man so many good games this year IDK if I can call Goty yet. Nonetheless, UC3 will be fantastic.

macky3012716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

infamous 2 or Dark Souls for me that is.

Just got Sly collection,.. those guys really know gameplay elements design, pure fun.. Damn those games are good.

Anyone else thinks U2 was a bit crazy paced,..?
Kinda needed a break sometimes,.. actually the part I enjoyed the most was when you get to walk around in the village and it is calm for 5 minutes,..

starchild2716d ago

Actually I thought the pacing was damn near perfect. It always kept things interesting. Good pacing is the mark of a good game.

xGet_In_There2716d ago


claterz2716d ago

Can't wait to see what they've done with the single player.
Hopefully they do live gameplay like they did with uncharted 2.

2716d ago
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