Razer Considering Entering Racing Wheel Market?

Could Razer, makers of high-quality gaming mice, keyboards and headsets be considering entering the sim hardware market? According to this exchange on Twitter with their CEO Min-Liang Tan, we could well be seeing a Razer-branded racing wheel in the near future..

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SMOK3xFFx3131d ago

I was wondering the other day why Razer hasn't got a hand in both racing wheels and fight sticks.

Solid_Snake-3130d ago

id be well up for it. but razer seem to be over priced compared to what some other companies can do.

PoulCast3130d ago

Since I started using Razor Mouses & mousepads I haven't changed. It's simply perfect for everything, be it RTS, FPS or MMO's. The design is just freaking awesome!

ATiElite3128d ago

Step one. sell mice and Keyboards.
Step two. sell high end headphones and audio
Step Three. Sell high end Gamer specific KB/M and Audio
Step four. branch off unto all gaming accessories including consoles and driving wheels.

pretty much a No Brainer.

simulationworld3131d ago

I mentioned both, and he seems interested. I honestly think they will come up with something really quickly.

Blaine3130d ago

I'd be happy if they were considering entering the PS3 controller market.

That sexy 360 controller is just teasing the hell out of me. Why no PS3 love, Razer?

dirthurts3130d ago

I would think Sony would need to write a driver set to support usb gamepads for that to happen. I don't think Razer has much to do with that.
They don't do wireless, so blutooth is out.

Blaine3130d ago

My Razer Orochi begs to differ...

How does the PS3 not support USB controllers? Either way, I'd expect Razer's PS3 controller to be Bluetooth.

NitrousX3130d ago

Sony's PS3 does support USB third party controller my friend of mind has a USB controller. Due to the fact he's a cheap skate did'nt want to pay 40 pounds for a controller. Plus you can hook up the razer onza on PS3 by using the XCM Crossfire adapter that converts any PC/Xbox 360 peripheral controller which can be used on the PS3. I found a razer onza being used on the PS3 a couple of weeks ago i'll send you guys a link

dirthurts3130d ago

The Razer Orochi is a mouse. They do not use even remotely similar drivers for them.
Keyboard and mouse is supported by the ps3, and to some extent usb gamepads, but they do not have a full feature set. Not all gamepads are supported. Just the ones that run on generic drivers, which the Onza does not.
The xcm adapter is more of a work around than a solution. You loose precision that way.
Razer doesn't like wireless devices, as they induce lag. A quick peek around their product selection will show that. Although I do hear they are working on a few wireless pads.

simulationworld3130d ago

I honestly think they're seriously considering it. It's too early for any kind of E3 announcement, but expect something very very soon.

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