Platformance 2: Temple of Death trailer reveals that there will be blood

Move over Pitfall Harry, there’s a new pixelated archeologist in town, and his name is, well, never mind his name, but he’s out for fame and glory (and perhaps a little kissy-kissy action on the side). Platformace 2: Temple of Death takes place 1000 years after its predecessor in a 1947 Peruvian jungle, where Hollywood starlet Grace Belly has been kidnapped by savages while filming Mysteries of the Cursed Mayan Idols. Now it’s up to our adventurous archeologist to venture into the ominous Temple Death and rescue the stunning actress before she is sacrificed to the blood lizard god. We’ve (Armless Octopus) contacted Magiko Gaming for more information, but in the meantime, check out the new trailer showcasing the new locale, and of course, lots of decapitating spikes.

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