TeamXbox:Frontlines: Fuel of War Hands-On Preview (Xbox 360)

THQ and developer Kaos Studios recently held a Frontlines: Fuel of War event to offer gaming-press outlets a fresh chance to get a look at the work in progress, which is getting closer and closer to its intended first-quarter 2008 release.

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zonetrooper54017d ago

Actually looking forward to this game, I love battlefield so I should like this. :P

Mikey_Gee4016d ago

Al they needed to do was allow PRIVATE friend games. I HATED the fact you were forced to be in a clan and do CLAN ON CLAN matches.

Why not just have a lobby and then devide teams from there.... not rely on clans.

TheXgamerLive4015d ago

I think the online multiplayer will be polished and very complete as compared to BF2. This is sounding like an incredible game. i didn't even know of all the vehicles available either. I'm totally stoked.