Unreal Tournament III: The greatest shooter ever to have a hero called Malcolm

Unreal Tournament III is set on the planet Taryd, a distant planet from Earth ruled by three competing corporations: the cyberpunk Liandri, who actually created the tournament; the military Axon who specialize in beefy hardware; and the oriental Izanagi, who nab bits of technology from the Axon to continue their war effort.

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Ahmadinejad4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Greatest shooter ever? i bet this malcolm guy gonna get shot in the first 1-2 hours and sh*t starts happening after that.

WilliamRLBaker4069d ago

......UT have a storyline? thats stupid it never has had one *which is fine, since the only thing that should have a storyline is unreal the original game*
LOL lets hope to god they dont try to give UT a storyline.

they need to bring back unreal, that game was awesome!

NRG4069d ago

Well, the previous installments were some of the best arena-style combat you can get online. So nobody cared if the single player sucked. What's wrong with trying though? Co-op is going to breathe some life into single player, and we now know epic is capable of a good single player experience from Gears.

Regret4069d ago

Definetly greatest multiplayer shooter.

segasage4069d ago

greatest shooter on PC, now on Consoles HAlo hits the spot and have the numbers and hours to prove it.

we'll see how UT3 does on consoles. Will it be as popular, probably not.

I rather play UT on a PC because of the type of FPS that it is.

It's no COD, GEARS, Halo type FPS's, which are better suited for Consoles IMO.

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