Silent Hill Interview: "The Wii user isn't a hardcore user"

The biggest platform for the Silent Hill series going forward is likely to be the Xbox 360, says the game's sound designer and public face of the franchise, Akira Yamaoka.

Akira Yamaoka: We're making Silent Hill 5 for next-gen consoles. Are there any other platforms besides that? [laughter]

Wired News: There's the Wii.

AY: Ah, the Wii. Wiiiiiiiiii... Silent Hill Wii. Can we do it? Will players like it?

WN: Yeah! There's a lot of potential there, using the remote as a flashlight, or a knife...

AY: Yeah, there's potential.

WN: But no plans.

AY: No plans. The Wii user isn't a hardcore user.

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MK_Red4020d ago

Wii is hardly a game console let alone and most of it's users are non-gamers... With likes of WiiFit, how can one call it hardcore?

predator4020d ago

you cant say the wii isnt a game console cos it is, im not defending cos i think its a phase and after crimbo it will start to loose sales, but its annoying when people dont include it when arguing over sales with the 360 and ps3, if it wasnt for nintendo the game industry wont be were it is today so as a true gamer i respect nintendo and there products

ShadoWulf4020d ago

I think the only reason the Wii has gotten this terrible rep is because of Nintendo's bad marketing. The Wii is quite a console, in fact it's more of a console than its competition (the same way I felt with the GC). Why? Well, it plays games. It's not a media machine, or a computer with a game-focused OS. It just plays games. I like how Nintendo makes their consoles not feel like computers anymore (even though they are). Anyways, getting back to the hardcore... Hardcore gamers COULD play the Wii. There's Prime 3, SSBB coming out as well as Disaster: Day of Crisis and BWWii... If 'Hardcore' gamers really wanted to play the Wii, they could. It disappoints me that a developer would call the Wii, essentially, a child's console. Why? Because THE GAMES MAKE THE CONSOLE (I'm not yelling, I'm just emphasizing). So, if you don't DEVELOP hardcore games for the Wii, then no hardcore gamers will play them. Someone has to take the leap, but it seems that everyone is waiting for Nintendo. The big N's still got D:DoC coming out in 08 to test this theory out, but if developers would make one sooner we could forge a hardcore Wii market yet.

DeckUKold4020d ago

this is what bring down consoles no support and saying that just proved it that idiot needs to see that if thats true why don't he make a game then just judge it hey look at RE it's doing well but it's not like silent hill was ever as good as that so IDC

grifter0244019d ago


Yes I agree that the Wii is a pretty cool system although I would never get girlfriend is "Hinting" that is what she wants though :/. But on to the topic at hand yes like you said GAMES do make the console and as much as I like Nintendo's games you gotta see them for what they are...."E". Most of the games are what Mario Party 10 now is it?, Metroid,SuperSmash(Awesome game I actually picked Melee before Halo),Zelda, and countless others now are they Mature? No most of them are not and usually you think of Nintendo as a kids console because that is who they are advertising to, the wii is a fun console that inspires "Childhood Memory's" when you play the game. I mean I dont think I would ever consider seeing a Silent Hill or a Haze or Killzone or even a Halo type game on the Wii because of how its advertised as of now. Yes the potential is there but since Nintendo's reputation is all about the "E" I very much doubt they would put a lot of time trying to get one of these albeit AAA horror type games on there console. Yes there is RE but its not as scary and dark as SH.

Rooftrellen4019d ago

"I very much doubt they would put a lot of time trying to get one of these albeit AAA horror type games on there console."

"Horror" is a genre that really doesn't get much attention in games. here are very few games I would consider horror games.

However, even without seeing an in game screenshot yet, Sadness is a pretty darn hyped game, and it turly is a horror game. Nibris even asked if you're 21 or older before reading about it on their site, so, evidently, this is not a "child's" game...not is Manhunt 2, something a little closer, though something I'm not sure I would consider horror.

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jaaz4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Considering all those weird horror movies they keep remaking in the US based on Japanese horror movies--like the Grudge and the Ring and such--you'd think deformed, half-naked nurses and sword-wielding things with (fricking?) pyramids on their heads would be right up their alley.

ta1snake4020d ago

That is why i don't really like Wii.

synce4020d ago

Wii users are kids and grandmas. Other people may have BOUGHT the Wii, but they either don't play it or don't like it. I'm one of said people.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4020d ago

Females definately prefer the Wii over the other consoles. I mean if they were to buy a console for themselves.

midgard2294020d ago

my gf hates wii lol, and i know like 4 other girls who think wii is for kids. so maybe its just from ur experience, but my experience girls dont like wii *shrugs

ironwolf4020d ago

earlier this week that said 70% of Wii buyers play the Wii Sports that came with the console for a couple of weeks to a month, then put the Wii away never to be used again. The reason for it's high sales numbers is that it's this year's "must have" fad.

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