GameSpot - Crysis 2: Final Thoughts

The lush jungles of the original Crysis gave way to the urban canyons of New York City in Crysis 2--one of many changes developer Crytek ushered in with the latest entry in the first-person shooter series known for its technical wizardry. We spoke with Jan Lechner, development director on Crysis 2, to get his thoughts about the game, fan reaction, and some of the decisions the development team made over the course of bringing Crysis 2 to life.

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gypsygib3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Did Crytek write its own questions for the interview? Gamespot are supposed to be journalists, what about the constant complaints of MP lag and the film grain issue that Crytek has officially acknowledged but has yet to fix, over a month after release.

Gamespot should have reviewed the forums first to see that the console Crysis 2 community is largely unhappy with all the technical problems with the game and think it's completely unfinished.

Gamespot totally pandered to the developer and ignored gamers legitimate concerns. They should have asked why has it taken so long to fix the grain issue on 360 and the lag in MP and when/if will it will be fixed. That's what people who actually play the game want to know.

Tyre3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Although these bugs need to be ironed out, it doesn't take away the fact that this is a good original IP that is welcome on the's Crytek maiden voyage on consoles, they should have been less arrogant and more open that they did not completely tested it throughout. None the less it is a great accomplishment that we have Crysis in this stellar form on Xbox/PS3...let's us be more understanding and welcome the fact that in the end it was the honest intention of Crytek to raise the bar for this gen consoles and give us a great game on all accounts...they manage to pull it off in most departments, unfortunately not all as they claimed. Still i think this is one of the coolest FPSs on consoles yet, loved every minute of it! Looking forward to Crysis 3.

gypsygib3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I agree insofar that the game can be great, and is when it's not lagging horribly (which happens approx 25 percent of the time IME) and when its grain glitch free.

MP is a tonne of fun when not lagging and I really enjoyed the SP until that first raining level, then the game graphics looked like a blocky, artifact filled mess with lines going across the screen. It gets worse the in subsequent levels as well.

It's hard to enjoy when you know and can see that something is wrong.

Tyre3136d ago

ur right, i utterly enjoy till i noticed the grain wave patterns on top of everything in the rain's sad in such an awesome game...this game is so good overall that u wish u did not see it but it's hard to overlook, why they haven't fix it yet, is beyond me? If the pattern was more scattered or more random it would have been less obvious and annoying. Crytek is undermining itself.