Inside PlayStation Network - Medal of Honor (1999)

The digital delights of Sony’s scrumptious PlayStation Network service know no bounds. Aside from letting punters compete in online gaming, stream films, browse the Internet and more, its premier attraction rests in the copious supply of downloadable games ripe for the picking. From PSN exclusives to PSOne Classics, minis and plain old add-on content, Sony’s online space is chock full of goodies battling it out for your hard-earned digital dollars.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

later on IW made a medal of honor game on PC called MoH: Allied Assault, and was easily one of the best WW2 games ever made(I DL the blood patch, LOL). The first COD made by IW was very similar to taht game too. Its sad taht now the MOH series is just a COD:MW clone, when it was the best WW2 series back in the day.

iamnsuperman2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I played this recently with my old PS1 game. It was still fun it was just a shame the game was so scratched that part of the level disappeared. EA needs to invest in MOH but it is unlikely they will when they have the BF series. Its a shame.

edit Is MOH only on PSN in Amercia

PoulCast2813d ago

Was just as bad as the current console FPS titles. MoH was great upon Allied Assault launched.

Etseix2812d ago

I would take MOH: Frontline or MOH: European Assault instead of any COD - Personal opinion of course, it's just i really licked them.

2813d ago