It's the Little Things: Dirt 3 called me by name

Bitmob: Every time a role-playing game invites me to choose my character's name, I scoff. It's trying to pull me into the fiction by personalizing my avatar. Ideally, I'm supposed to name the hero after myself, so when Commander Rus Shepard saves the universe, he's only one step removed from Rus McLaughlin. Except nobody in the entire Mass Effect franchise ever uses Shepard's given name, not even his lovers. It's like a drunken college hook-up. You get the feeling they're in such a hurry to score before the Budweiser wears off that nobody ever bothers to ask for those details.

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rod_furlong2770d ago

Rod better be in that list.

Tolkoto2770d ago

I never really projected myself onto Sheppard that much. Being referred to by my first name would kinda freak me out.

Sadie21002770d ago

T-bag is an actual option? That's sick/awesome.

SybaRat2770d ago

I hope knuckledragger's on that list...