IGN - Battlefield 3: Entertainment in the Context of War

IGN - Executive Producer Patrick Bach discusses the battle between fun and social responsibility.

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alousow2721d ago

this game have potential, but the FPS fans will jump straight to mw3, and not giving this great game a chance.

ironwolf7772721d ago

Everyone who buys MW3 will also buy BF3. Everyone.

DeadlyFire2721d ago

Why not? They are both directed very strongly towards competing with each other.

Better the competition = Better the game.

I expect MW 3 and BF 3 to both be top notch due to this single thing. I plan on buying both. Get bored one day with one jump into the other and vice versa. Gaming events for these two games are likely to be supported.

maximusape2721d ago

By limiting the "bad choices" that a player can make in the game (reference: MW2 airport massacre) I think this will make BF3 "just another shooter"; although a very pretty one. All these recent FPS focus on rewards and flashy messages telling you that you just unlocked something. It is kind of like the atmosphere in a casino. Which is a very successful endeavour might I add. You have to delve into different territories of moral gray areas like, should you shoot an unarmed combatant, if you did not then he would later come back and shoot your buddy in the face, but if you did then his 12 year old son would pick up a rifle and engage your team. There's definitely plenty of shock value and awe inspiring scenes in these FPSs but to raise the bar on video games (especially FPS) to be viewed as art, there has got to be more moral dilemma to tease the audience's mind. Gamers are not simpletons. We like to think, once in a while, about what we are doing in a game.