Giantbomb:Brink Review

GB:Flat combat and a lack of variety are just two of the things that make Brink such a disappointment.

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LOGICWINS2719d ago

The journalists at GiantBomb are very reliable reviewers. When they say a game is a 2/5, chances are that most gamers would agree with this sentiment.


I'll test it before agreeing with any source, but indeed, from what I read (the score don't mean much to me) from GiantBomb and other good reviews this doesn't look like a game to everyone, you need to be sympathetic to some of it's nuances, ignore some disign annoyances here and there (no big deal apparently, we do it for every game, admittedly or not)...

But more likely than not I'll get L.A. Noire and/or Infamous 2 instead... Too bad, the game have a lot of potential, my grip with it is that it looks like a pretty demanding game, I'm too much into SOCOM and my clan fun to dedicate to another shooter so soon.

LOGICWINS2719d ago

"But more likely than not I'll get L.A. Noire and/or Infamous 2 instead"

Good move.

M-Easy2719d ago

Playing this game now. I agree 100% with this score.

Ser2719d ago

I'm playing it right now, and I'm having a blast.

Kills mean nothing in this game. If you can't play as a team, you'll always come in last.

M-Easy2719d ago

Oh that must be nice I'm playing on PS3 so I only get AI partners and they are morons.

sickbird2719d ago

Well i've been trying to play on Live and its laggy as hell so your not missing much as of right now. The game is alot of fun though.

user8586212719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Was watching a Lets play, wow it looks really dull, disappointed because I was really excited for this game