Review: Virtua Tennis 4 – Does Move Add A New Dimension To The Tennis Title? -StickTwiddlers

Phil from StickTwiddlers writes: "The Virtua Tennis series has always held a special place in my heart. I still remember playing the original on my beloved Dreamcast and then getting to try it out in the arcade. What made Virtua Tennis great was its quick to get into but hard to master arcade gameplay. When SEGA decided to release VT 2009 on the Wii, it was the series first venture into motion control and the truth is that the Wii version was all I needed back then. However, with PS Move support and the original VT team on board, does VT 4 serve up an ace?"

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potedude2719d ago

This bosunds good, esp the move functionality. I love how the reviewer called the kinect version 'pimp slapping'. lol

Annoying about not using move in the world tour though, still might get this one. Esp as the missus likes tennis games...