Beware of Sony’s offer in wake of data attack

Sony seemed a little slow on the trigger when it came to reacting to the massive data breach that appears to have exposed customers’ personal and credit card information to thieves. Then the company responded with what appeared to be a magic bullet – a $1 million in liability protection for all customers who accept free credit monitoring for a year

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Sony got the word out as soon as they knew what was going on. Most people really cant say anything unless they've had a multi-million (if not billion) dollar network get hacked and be resposible for 77 million accounts worth of information that may or may not have been stolen, a fact of which you may or may not ever realize depending on the skill of the hacker.

Once that happens and you can figure it out in 2 days, then you can bash Sony for not getting the word out quicker

BrianG3139d ago


Especially when noting about the hackers abilities/skills. A lot of people seem to be undermining Sony's security instead of considering the skill of the hackers.

I mean we are all essentially guessing when it comes to what happened and the state of PSN's security.

blackburn103139d ago

Everyone is guessing. All of them assuming and speculating. We still have no solid proof of Sony's security being lax. We heard that the hacker used a complicated attack to get in. We have no idea which or what weakness in Sony's security they refered to, if it was even the one the hackers claimed was there before. Nothing but wild guesses and shots in the dark just like everyone insisting that the credit card data lost was written in plain text only to find out it was encrypted just like Sony said it was. But people would rather believe the blog writters and the criminal hackers claims then Sony's.

In short everyone seems to know better about Sony's security then Sony does. I am not saying believe every single thing Sony says but so far they have more proof that they were the victim of complex sabotage then anyone else has of them simply being incompetent.

Silly gameAr3139d ago

Stop giving them attention. This article shouldn't have even been approved because it's just recycled bull that's been said over and over again.

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The story is too old to be commented.