The Best Way to Avoid Further PSN Outage Frustration: Stop Looking Online!

Save yourself the hassle and just check the most reliable source… Sony!

If gamers really want to avoid all of the Playstation Network frustration all they need to do is avoid all of the countless negative press & finger pointing online and just look to Sony & Sony alone for any information about the PSN outage.

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awiseman2720d ago

Correction: Stop looking on N4G.

This whole psn down thing heated up and fizzled away a week ago in th real world and the rest of the internet...

Rage_S902720d ago

Kind of but if you play PSN then it does get frustrating. The stuff that gets heat on N4G is obviously the sensationalised and hyperbowl stuff. That doesn't mean this doesn't matter to the real world at least all those that have ps3's will feel affected.

badz1492719d ago

why don't people just stop writing and posting anything about it at all? I think that's the better solution!

xTruthx2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

"This whole psn down thing heated up and fizzled away a week ago in th real world and the rest of the internet... "

Where do you think n4g gets it news ? THE REST OF THE INTERNET, because n4g doesn't generate its own articles. So that's a fail comment

Wobbuffet2719d ago

Best way to avoid frustration is for these hypocrite journalists to stop posting such speculative stories.

These fools seem to be ignorant to a thing called 'cause and effect'

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rabidpancakeburglar2720d ago

I look online all the time as it would be hard to find out when it's back otherwise as the regular media are clueless about this stuff. I don't mind waiting anyway because I'm calm to the point of not caring about most things

alousow2719d ago

i look online to check out some new Uncharted 3 n Infamous 2 news lol. PS3 make believe

banditgoon2720d ago

Sony could stop all this by just keeping their customers updated, waiting three to four days for a five sentence blog post just aint cutting it.

NLGSean2720d ago

I check their twitter page for any update

Hagaf222719d ago


I could do it if they were updating us in the 5 sentence blog by saying something other than "no new update" or " a few more days". I have 2 PS3's and will continue to support the PS3 this generation, but this lack of consumer interaction regarding this situation has truly made me wonder what I will purchase next generation.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2719d ago

Then if it seems like they announced a timeline in *any* way, people will hold it against them and then attack them over it. We know they're working on it.

Max_Dissatisfaction2720d ago

But if we did that, how would we give you hits for this PSN related story?

erasure2422720d ago

Good read. Read the article people. Nice to see a positive story about the whole Sony deal. Its also a good positive article that also isnt kissing Sonys ass (like most of the articles on here).

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The story is too old to be commented.