Mass Effect 3 Aims to Outshine Mass Effect 1

SegmentNext - "We have been hearing a lot about how EA/Bioware have streamlined 'Dumbed Down' both Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. What will you make of the information revealed in different magazine previews which suggests otherwise?"


About The Headline and all the hate debate:
First Mass Effect 3 is not a sequel to Mass Effect 1 so the title is just sarcasm. Since Mass Effect 1 had more RPG element compared to Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 aims to revive THAT RPG element and improve it.

Yours Truly,
Captain Obvious =)

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kyl2773131d ago

Of course it does, it is a sequel to it's sequel isn't it??

I hate these Captain Obvious headlines.

Kalowest3131d ago

"Of course it does, it is a sequel to it's sequel isn't it??" Well ME2 isn't as good as ME1. ME3 has to have RPG elements like ME1.

JsonHenry3130d ago

I thought ME2 was better than one. Well, the story anyway. I would like some more RPG elements to the game this time around.

GunofthePatriots3130d ago

All ME2 did better were technical and graphical improvements. Everything else fails in comparison to ME1.

PrimordialSoupBase3130d ago

ME2 is a mediocre shooter with a dialogue wheel.

Kalowest3130d ago

@JsonHenry, GunofthePatriots

I played ME2 again RIGHT AFTER i beat ME1(again), and i didn't like it, it was no different from a regular TPS. No looting/customization, bare RPG elements(the classes suck), and less story.

Tony P3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

ME2 was so well-received precisely because they "dumbed it down" (if you're negative) or "streamlined" it (if you're positive).

With ME2, BioWare chose to abandon many of the RPG elements from ME1. They instead chose to improve the combat, conversations, and presentation.

After a lot of time with the game, I still consider it a great RPG, but less than ME1. After all, I'm an RPG fan first and foremost so more RPG = better.

But with ME2's success, I don't expect BioWare to go back to the ME1 formula at all to make ME3. There's less money in it.

GunofthePatriots3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

@Kalo Agreed again. The lack of customizing your equipment and armor was a huge disappointment. I absolutely loved that part of the game.
Some people will complain about the inventory system (and rightfully so) but Bioware could have easily fixed that. Mix all that in with the Missing RPG elements and only earning XP after a mission was lame.

Getting rid of the Mako for planet probing was a huge mistake. I felt like I was actually in a sci fi game exploring planets when I was driving around in the Mako.
Yeah the controls were a bit off, the planets werent distinctive and the facilities were the same models used on other planets but once easy fix.

The story was also lame, Lazy and extremely weak. The whole time you knew when your mission was and there was little surprises. 90% of the game was trying to recruit remembers who did nothing for the overall story.

ME2 was a good game but completely took a big step backwards. Too many things that made the ME1 great was taken out and dumbed it down. I hate this "casual" generation.

f7897903130d ago

The only thing they dumbed down in ME2 was the weapon system which was broken in the first one anyways. Remember having all the money in the world with nothing to buy?

Mass Effect 3 will hopefully fix that.

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Cosmit3130d ago

Yeah its stupid. Of course a sequel is suppose to "outshine" its predecessor. Otherwise what's the point?

RedDead3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Agreed, hate these type of articles, although ME1 was better than 2 in a good few ways.

Story of ME2 better? Really? I never finished it, i'm afraid the mining turned me off the game completely. I literally stopped playing, you need to do mining to get a "good" ending right?

f7897903130d ago

It wasn't that bad dude. Not a reason to stop playing a great game.

user94220773131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )


Developer: We went latest, newest games to be better than old predecessor that released years ago.

Thanks for letting me know something I would have never figured out, man. I appreciate the effort.

Tikicobra3130d ago

I'm glad I'm not the online person who thinks this tagline is completely idiotic.

jrisner3130d ago

Isn't that the point of a sequel? to outshine the previous game? just wow

Bathyj3130d ago


I hate how shiny UE3.0 games look.

I would have thought they'd try to tone that down.


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