LA Noire 'Rockstar Pass' add-on spotlighted in Xbox Marketplace release schedule

Microsoft today sent out the release schedule for Xbox Live Marketplace content over the next two weeks (May 10–23). The schedule was posted in the latest edition of the "Xbox Live Newsbeat" press email, which showed next Tuesday's L.A. Noire "In the Spotlight."In celebration of launch on May 17," the newsletter teases, "take your L.A. Noire experience to the next level and download the 'L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass' add-on." The Rockstar Pass what now?

Releasing day and date with the retail game, the 800-point DLC "Pass" is presumably a sort of Project Ten Dollar experiment. It's unclear, however, if it will provide access to the pre-order bonus content (already confirmed to be made available for purchase "at some point after the game comes out") or offer wholly new content to all owners of the game. Perhaps it's a sort of Cerberus Network-like pipeline for delivering new detective cases -- but that's just a guess. The Pass remains a mystery for now, as Rockstar has yet to respond to our request for clarification.

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omi25p3138d ago

Maybe. Just maybe its online freeroam?

Blaze9293138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

the only problem with games having an "online pass" are when those games have no "online". If there's no multiplayer then there should be no pass of any sort. Even with how EA/BioWare did it in Mass Effect 2 with the Cerberus network.

Because, let's say Person A, buys a brand new copy of your game but has no internet connection to activate their pass, they get to miss out on content even though they did what you wanted and bought it brand new? Please go

omi25p3138d ago

Well if its not an pass for and freeroam of some sorts what else can it be....

MasterCornholio3138d ago

I am the great cornholio this shall me my first post in N4G.

Is this exclusive to the 360 or will it come to the PS3 as well? Because i find it odd if its exclusive to the 360.

Max_Dissatisfaction3138d ago

Timed exclusive (read until PSN comes back online)

ExitToExisT3138d ago

So now the games without mp are starting to have 'passes'? I wonder what will we able to 'pass with it'

xPhearR3dx3138d ago

Mass Effect 2 had it. Which provided some free DLC. I plan on buying the game day 1, so if they do something similar to Mass Effect and provide free DLC I'm happy. If you remember, when they talked about it being on 3 disc for Xbox, they mentioned some content spilled over to DLC. So maybe they will offer those cases for free, then later offer much bigger DLC which is paid content.

To be honest these "online" passes for Single Player only games aren't really a big deal considering there's no MP. So if it's in fact DLC, they're rewarding customers who bought there game new with free content, instead of locking content.

Raider693138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

This is getting ridiculous!Gamers are been screwed,EA start the trend an now every body is making it.Theres no reason for such exploration of gamers pockets.I guess the trend for Changing from consoles to PC is getting more sense if this thing continues.$60 plus a 800 points pass for something that shoud be free.I guess Steam is going to grow way up in 2011 with all does promotion they make.

Raider693138d ago

I hope we dont end up having to have the console connected online to play games in a near future.

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