Should We Pay More For Announced Battlefield 3 Pre-Launch DLC?

Dice have announce that along-side the release of their next game Battlefield 3, a DLC pack will be available containing 4 maps from Battlefield 2, this will only be available for customers who purchase the limited edition version of the game, whilst other players will have to pay more for the extra maps.

There have been many articles about the principles of scenarios just like this, I understand that it is fair that the people that buy the limited edition will receive extra content but should specific parts of a game be blocked to users if it has already been announced before the day of release?

What do you think?


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kyl2772721d ago

Doesn't really matter, if people don't pay after launch for the maps there is a chance they will be unplayed as the majority of users can't access them.

Who knows...

lewispearson2721d ago

yeah which is a huge waste in my mind, it should just be available to all or noone, atleast before bloody launch

tdrules2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Someone obviously didn't play the shit out of Strike At Karkand

Caleb_1412721d ago

Personally I think what EA are doing is quite fair, pre-order the game and get 4 extra maps to play. However, this is all providing they eventually make the maps available to all people who buy the game, after a few months or so.

Everyone get's the same game in the end, just the people that pre-order get privileges because they did so.

nickblue2162721d ago

I believe your right on this. You get the maps 1 month after release.

Joe29112721d ago

Yeah thats how I read it too, wtf are people complaining about? This is a great way of encouraging people that were thinking about buying into pre-ordering.

DeadlyFire2720d ago

At least EA releases the DLC for free eventually. Some will charge you a year or two later for same DLC released right at game release.

undercovrr2721d ago

Most likely the 'limited edition' will contain the 4 maps even after release. This year I bought Crysis 2 and Motorstorm Apocalypse after release, and the supposed 'pre order bonuses' came inside the games. And I did not preorder anything.

Probably same thing will happen with BF3, because EBgames will still have those versions of the game on their shelves and will want to sell them

lewispearson2721d ago

sorry i don't know if my description above details it properly, the actual article does though, i mean that for the people that don't buy it preordered or as a limited edition, theyr missing out and are then made to pay more for content that's already available, it should either be left as limited edition or be given to everyone fairly i feel

MaverickStar72721d ago

How the hell are you supposed to announce something as a pre-order incentive without announcing it before the release date? Its not that specific parts of the game are blocked of you don't preorder, its just you don't get the extra content which are remakes of classic maps. People don't realize how long it actually takes to make maps in game. They have plan for DLC long before the game comes out to have it ready even three months after the release.

lewispearson2721d ago

I agree, i'm also a student currently studying games design, however in most shops limited editions are still more expensive even if pe-ordered, i know in game they are, i used to work there, yet it feels like a middle finger up at everyone who buys a copy without free upgrade or that has to buy it afterwards, whats the point of making it a limited edition perk if everyone can then get it straight away anyway.
you do make valid points tho

MaverickStar72721d ago

My feelings are everyone should be able to receive/buy/earn all the content,maps,bonuses, DLC somehow. I like getting extra stuff up front because I pre-oredered a game or bought the collectors edition. But i'm not going to be mad if someone can buy that same content at a later date. Some people may not be able to buy the game on the release date, or they might not even have a game system at that time. That shouldn't stop them from being able to play later down the road. It should just mean they miss out on getting it for free or getting something earlier than others.

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