Save & Quit: Brink Review

The world has flooded and the only refuge is a floating city called the ark. Two factions have started a war, the original ark dwellers known as the Security and the refugees known as the Resistance. Which side will you fight on, will you maintain order with an iron fist or descend the city into chaos and fight for the masses. In the end it really doesn’t matter because the only difference is your outfit...

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rrquinta3131d ago

Reviews for this game have been all over the place. I've seen several really low scores, a few middle-range scores (like this one), and a few high scores. Not quite sure what to think at this point.

bananasNmonkeys3130d ago

Tbh all reviews about this game are void for one reason. Bethesda has told the review sites that the day 1 patch fixes lag (by making the matchmaking local)and texture pop-ins yet the websites have still done the reviews with very few mentioning this. Even big sites like g4 have said stuff like "After that, you can go into the campaign or just hop online, which are basically the same mode except for the player count." Which is just straight up wrong.

Brash_Attack3130d ago

This review does mention this but he said it is easily fixed (like the patch you were talking about) but he seemed to be mad that they would release a very co-op based game with such problems. Not having that patch ready on day one can leave a very sour taste in many people's mouths.

soundslike3130d ago

Splash damage do one thing well: Class dynamics during MULTIPLAYER objective matches

most reviews do not even talk about anything besides playing against bots and failing hard.

I understand that people might want to dismiss this game forever, but wait until some skilled players make videos of REAL matches before you decide to forget about it entirely. I'm reserving judgement until I see that and a price drop.

TheGameFoxJTV3130d ago

Exactly, this game is the shit.

joydestroy3130d ago

yep. i'm playing it on PS3 (taking a short break) right now which means no MP but i still love it. i was pleasantly surprised to find that the game, for me, is at least an 8. it's pretty cool!

bad reviews + n4g comment hate lowered my expectations but really glad it's awesome

Joni-Ice3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Dude I have it. So mad that I didnt go with my gut and cancelled my pre-order. Now Im stuck with this game that Im trying to like but cant. Maybe wouldn't be so mad if I didnt pay $60 for it. Its not worth it at all. Don't care what anybody says.

Ducky3130d ago

There's something interesting I've experienced in my life, not sure if other people feel the same way, but...

Most of the games that I love, I started out hating. Kinda weird. =/

Grave3130d ago

Im in the same boat. I tried to fight it , but I bought it cuz I wanted to see for myself how good or bad this game is. ugh... After playing it for a bit I feel sick. Really disapointed. Feels really unpolished from the controls to the AI, to the graphics, textures, the maps, the weapons. It is all really hard to like. Shouldve been a $20 download, max. This game is VERY FAR from a AAA title.

Tyre3130d ago

Don't buy it...waste of ur money, get LA Noire. Rockstar rules!

jetlian3130d ago

trolled every low scoring brink article. theres like 5-6 brink articles with zero comments.

Tyre3130d ago

That's right jetlian...for once i am in the right, hehe. i did it on purpose, forgive me.

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BX813130d ago

I just played the 1st two missions by myself and I have to say having friends play with you will def. help. I just don't see why all the game scores are all over the place. I think if you're expecting a MOH/COD type feel you're going to be caught off guard. The game reminds me of teamfortress for some reason. It's no OMG game but it's not a piece of crap either. It's a solid tittle especially of a new IP.

Ducky3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Different people have different tastes. Take for example this review, the cons mentioned are:

- Dumb AI
- The 'Last Stand' mode which allows Medics to revive team-mates
- Knife not being one hit kill
- Laggy servers

The first and last points are valid I suppose (I am guessing this is the 360 version as I haven't experienced server issues on PC).
The AI becomes wiser on harder difficulties, and in semi-rare cases, I've found the AI to be smarter than actual human team-mates.

The 2nd and 3rd points are positives in my book, but not in the reviewer's. Hence why the scores are all over the place. Hell, to me, those two points are Godsends, as I don't have to deal with rambo medics spawning me in the middle of battle or knifers.

joydestroy3130d ago

i def think they balanced it pretty well. different type of gameplay that i'm not used to which is another plus

sickbird3130d ago

the game is very fun, sucks when you play with people who just run around shooting. The game is all about completing objectives kills mean shit in Brink. I think thats the main reason people arent liking it.

unicron73130d ago

Fail review for an awesome game. This is what happens when a lone wolf reviews a game designed from the ground up for team based objectives. They don't like it. Big shocker?

3130d ago
Tyre3130d ago

mediocre Unreal Tournament Clone with superfluous Mirror's Edge freerun mechanics and cliche story, pretending to be revolutionary and better than Killzone 3.

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