Thor: God of Thunder Review [Game Revolution]

"If another, far more polished game didn't exist, Thor would have been incredibly fun. But, well, let's phrase it this way: You go to a party and find a guy named Mr. Greece, who's got ripped abs, an awesome accent, and a deliciously angsty backstory. But for some reason, you get cockblocked, so you wander over towards Mr. Norway, who also has a sexy foreign accent and he would be perfect, if you hadn't met Mr. Greece just minutes before. The problem is, you've settled for Mr. Norway. And so, as much fun as he is, when you go home to turn on and pop in Norway, you'll be thinking about Greece the whole time." ~ Kevin Dermody, Game Revolution

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KDermod3348d ago

That is, admittedly, something that sort of irked me. Not nearly as much as the "throw my hammer and grab one"-- but c'mon, thunder is sound produced by lightning. Thus: "thunder thighs."

stormeagle63348d ago

It's not Sega's fault for the whole lightning/thunder thing, it's Marvel's.

insertcoin3348d ago

Is Thor anyone's favorite Marvel character or smart enough not to say he is?