EA says PS3/Wii/Xbox 360 will soon be obsolete, why EA's wrong

Today I came across a very, very funny article in which Gerhard Florin, a senior executive at Electronic Arts, said game consoles as a platform will soon become obsolete. This is why that will never happen.

When I say "that will never happen," I mean it will never happen unless we discover some crazy new technologies that revolutionize the way we game.

With that said, Florin had this to say regarding the future state of gaming consoles in a recent BBC piece:

We want an open, standard platform which is much easier than having five which are not compatible … We're platform agnostic and we definitely don't want to have one platform which is a walled garden … I am not sure how long we will have dedicated consoles - but we could be talking up to 15 years.

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MK_Red4020d ago

Why EA's wrong = Because it's EA. They are wrong about everything except making money from bad-yearly games.

mikeslemonade4020d ago

That will happen if we keep buying products branded with the name Microsoft. Why is MS losing several 1st party developers? It's because they're probably saving up for something big. If they bought EA then they basically will have the monopoly in the gaming industry.

perseus4019d ago

...and stopped the games that EA has going to the PS3 or Wii (like BF: BC ,etc.), it would be a big let-down for all of the people who bought the other consoles, and might end up alienating a few people. Maybe just the hardcore gamers, but it would definitely alienate some people.

The reason I bought the PS3 and Wii was so that I could have stuff like Battlefield, GT5, Madden, and Tiger Woods, and if MS did something like that I'd have wasted my money. Though I don't think it will happen, I'd literally never buy another Microsoft or EA product again.

I'd start building linux and mac boxes for all of my friends, too.

And start a PC business that sold only Linuxes and Macs.

And I'd nuke Redmond.

And Bruxelles, just for the hell of it.

beavis4play4019d ago

i don't remember the last EA game that i bought or considered a must have.

i would love to be at the negotiation table where EA explains to the console makers how they (console makers)are going to make money on this EA system.

neogeo4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

1. The US government would not approve the merger of such a huge buy out.

2. EA would not sell to a company that would stop them from making games for all systems. It would be a disaster.
Even after Microsoft would buy EA, the NFL would drop EA from the rights to make there games. Sony would buy the rights to NFL games and Sony would win the war, while Microsoft would be put almost completely out of bisness by Sony/Apple. HP/Dell would Merge and buy out whats left of Microsoft and Bill Gates would turn into a hardcore alcoholic and die in rehab a broken man.

Quickstrike4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

but if EA is right i will eat my hat.

Jdash244019d ago

ps3/360/wii/ALL gamers says EA is already obsolete

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The story is too old to be commented.