1UP: Exclusive Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 Footage

1Up gets their hands on the PS3 version of the highly anticipated shooter UT3, enjoy the footage.

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Douche4043d ago

They all seemed extremely satisfied with their hands on. It's good to hear that they couldn't find any problems with the PS3 version. 1UP is typical for trying to find that single stutter or pixilation. Just hearing this from 1UP gives insight on UT3's success on the PS3. They may be [email protected], but they do have very strong opinions...and all of them were positive for the PS3.

The Wood4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

for no real singleplayer

i kid

THC CELL4043d ago

wow that is soo cool

if x box fans say theres will be better than ps3 thats a lie

sjappie4043d ago

as you would say the ps3 version is going to be better. No one knows until they're both released, so I would tone it down a little bit.

Kleptic4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

considering the guaranteed mod support for the PS3...the reality is that no matter how close each platforms look or play, the PS3 has the advantage of unmitigated UGC...

the PC version will overall be the best...and the PS3 will have everything the pC version has except resolution (the PS3 version also has Mouse/Keyboard support...)...and the 360 won't...if that is ok with you, that is fine...but if you have any hopes of the 360 version being the most complete overall are an idiot...

socomnick4042d ago

there you go guys he said its comparable to it running on a low end pc.
Yea this games not looking too hot for me halo 3 still is and will be the king of console shooters.

wil4hire4043d ago

God i LOVE 720p GAMES!!!!

Rybnik4043d ago

From 1up of all places. Last week they praised Uncharted (rightly so) This week they give fair props to UT3 on PS3 Who would have thunk it, huh? I wonder how the psycho 360 fanboys will spin this, lol.

wil4hire4043d ago

I love it when a site that has been so harsh on the PS3 starts to finally admit it has good games & capable hardware.

Wonder how long before Gamespot turns around..

THey flopped the ugo style cardgame for not having single player... lol. the point is to play people & friends. Not a deck of cards on its own.

Rybnik4043d ago

LOL. I know. I think though to be fair, gamespot's community is more anti-PS3 than the staff itself. I know they have bashed PS3 as much as the others, but when they have shown previews and stage demos of the recent PS3 games they seem to be less critical in attitude towards those games notwithstanding what I think is an unfair slam against Eye of Judgement (no single player, duh WTF).

HarryEtTubMan4043d ago

HAHAHAHA I just can't wait, holy balls.

Scarfy4043d ago

... does anyone else not "get" this game?

I mean, what's the big deal? Sure, it looks nice but at the end of the day this is an online death match shooter, right?

Didn't Quake 3 do that about 10 years ago..?

Not meant to be trolling, but I can imagine that once we've played this game for 10 minutes you've pretty much played all of it... Okay, so you can go to other maps and find different places to shoot people with different weapons. But that's about it.

What's the big deal?

CaliGamer4043d ago

Seems like you don't like the game, easy solution, IGNORE ALL NEWS RELATED TO UTIII. Solves all problems.
Its a classic franchise that is going back to the basics, and sometimes in all honesty that is needed. Although if you have been following the news on this game, you would be aware that there are other more strategic modes included too. DM is a standard mode, so you could make the statement you just did about virtually any shooter on the market.

Baba19064043d ago

havent played a UT yet have u? it so fast action, and well its more than jst deathmath. for me the best online fps experience out there. i hope ut3 will be as good as the others were.

Kleptic4043d ago

and UT3 has plenty of vehicles, something Quake III didn't have...

in either case, fast paced fake shooters like this have a huge following...and the guys that have been playing these games since the beginning are probably the toughest online opponents you will ever come definitely isnt' a game for everyone...people that started playing shooters through Halo...probably will go blind with the amount of crap going on at once in UT3...but its gaming bliss for people that miss the days of crazy pace and tons of carnage...

gamerriffic4043d ago

i would completely understand your point, if this is all you have seen of the game. sure this game plays like other Unreal Tournys but with the addition of a hella lot of vehicles, and maps bigger than any other online deathmatch game. and a single player that epic is trying to pull off. saying this isn't anything new since quake 3 is completely wrong.

if you wanna complain about games with nothing new.. look at counterstrike, look at fear, doom3, god of war, halo(2,3), forza, Grand Tourismo, list goes on... those games didnt introduce something so new, but they were helllllaaa good at what they did. if a game is hella good, whats not to "get"?

IntelligentAj4042d ago

It's called not fixing something that works fine. Everything has been rehashed in some way shape or form. Even Halo and Quake got their basic concept from an idea that has been used extensively so please don't try to knock UT3 for doing the same, be it on 360 or the PS3.

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