GameSpot's Review for Eye of Judgment

GameSpot reports, "If you like playing trading-card games with your friends, you'll appreciate Eye of Judgment's unique take on the genre."

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nasim4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

would be released next week in JAPAN

with a price cut in effect (since the 17th OCTOBER) expect ps3 sales to rise massively with the release of EYE OF JUDGEMENT

However the dead console x360 will go below 1000 once EOJ hits japan.

ps3 will overtake wii the week when EYE OF JUDGEMENT is launched


JAPANESE loves card games.

did u check ACE COMBAT's score on x360--8.4 on IGN meaning an 8 on GS.

Ur garbage box 360 doesnt have the capability to more characters streamed from the eye toy to ps3.

EYE OF JUDGEEMNT was never touted to be AAA . It is an PS EYE based game geared towards JAPANESE audience and a niche audience.

what else is left on ur garbage box 360.
Halo 3 disappeared from all eu charts . Bioshock --on PC .


LP on PC and PS3

Blue Dragon --flop

ES -on PS3 next year

THAT GARBAGE BOX 360 has no games and this is why it is the least selling console in EU and JAPAN

ps3 has already outsold x360 4:1 in JAPAN

FAMITSU gave this game 8889

BTW LAIR outsold all x360 games combined last week in JAPAN

dont talk in JAPAN --where garbage box 360 is dead

ps3 sold 12k units last week in JAPAN and outsold x360 2:1 even despite the launch of GARBAGE ELITE.

This week expect ps3 to outsell x360 10:1
a 7.5 is GOOD on GS rankings


Ratchet looks better than GAYLO 3 at 640p

RATCHET contains more poly than CARTOON HALO 3

Ur 2 worlds and hour of victory got 2/10 from most websites (gamespy gave 2worlds 2/10 and HOV 2/10 from GS)

ur Blue Dragon ---AAA lol got 6/10 from GS

HALO 3 -- a cartoon game is traded back in most of the stores of EU

FOLKLORE is still selling and it sold 56000 copies till date.

RESISTANCE sold over 115 000 copies in JAPAN . no x360 game will match that feat. It sold more than all the FPS on x360 released in JAPAN combined

whats more

x360 outsold ps3 because of x360 which was released last septemeber. Othe rthan that month x360 outsold ps3 barely in JULY by only 11k units and 2:1 in AUGUST

However if we look at EU

ps3 has sold over 1.8m in 6 months vs 2.5 x360s in 2 years

PS3 outsells 100 k : 20--20k EVERY WEEK in EU alll time except from 18th AUGUST ---30th SEPTEMBER

that was the time when the margin was 80k : 40k

Now x360 sales have hit rock bottom in EU and JAPAN

dont forget ps3 would sell 20m + in JAPAN and 40--45 m in EU in its lifteime

ps2 sold more in EU than NA

ps3 sales would explode in NOVEMEBR in NA and ofcourse in EU it would be 300k weekly from NOVEMBER

as for x360 NA will be also finished from NOVEMBER

RESISTANCE has sold over 1.6 m copies in EU and JAPAN alone

EVEN as of TODAY RESISTANCE is outselling x360 games all over EU and that includes HALO 3 as well.

RESISATNCE will reach 5--6 m at the end of this year . It is around 2.5m at the moment

MARK MY WORDS :- by the end of this year RESISTANCE will reach 6m in sales . It is 2.5 m at the moment but it is outselling x360 all over EU

Chris_GTR14017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

ok look stop changing the facts here. 360 has been outselling the ps3 month after month practically since it launched. stop with the excuses of 'oh but it sold more in europe, or it sold more in japan.' look 360 is outselling the ps3. it dosent matter wich region is more or less. what matters is TOTAL SALES. i know u feel bad ur console is doing so bad and is headed its way to be the next 3do but look. u dont have to stick to that console, for once,JUST for ONCE think about this ok.... getting a 360. just think about it for a couple minutes. google search the games coming out. check out the AAA games that are already out and are comming within next year. im shure if you look at it from another perspective youll notice alot of what youve been ignoring

well nasim did u take up my advice? i havent heard from u so far.

DarkArcani4017d ago

Dude.... It's not even a bad score. The major criticism is it is not that fun alone. It's meant to be played with people.

And don't even compare it to other games. It's a card game.

Bnet3434017d ago

Nasim, you actually waste your life typing this sh*t? Get a life you retarded lab chimp. As for everyone who replies to this doucher, STOP IT. STOP REPLYING TO HIM. All users are automatically blocked if they have one bubble so why do you put it to show. Anyone who replies is just feeding the troll. Ignore this ignoramus, and he will stop one day and realize that he has a life. He probably gets dropkicked by his dad every night so I can understand why he comes here and talks out of his ass. christ have mercy on the poor kids soul

THC CELL4017d ago

sombody give this man all his bubbles back lol

nice say man

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Real Gambler4017d ago

It's a card game!!! Either the reviewer is used to play solitaire on his PC, or he has no grasp of what a card game is!

Magic the Gathering sold millions, even pokemons did pretty good. Yet, unless you had a friend at home, you had to go somewhere else to play.

This is the first card game ever where you'll be able to play from your home against somebody from across the world. I don't think this reviewer is grabbing this concept.

This game will sell, so you predict a flop, but I predict very decent sales. Only thing that worry me is if the cards are easy to copy... But even then, you could copy Pokemons or Magic cards as well and still play...

pwnsause4017d ago

haha, even though 7.5, people are going to buy this, why, cause it comes with the PS eye.

Rikitatsu4017d ago

whoa just because a snigle person in Gamespot gave it 7.5 it became flop ?!!!

you guys are tards really

AyeKay474017d ago

Thats a pretty bad score.

felman874017d ago

Average is the new bad?

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