Until Hardware Is Equal, Exclusives Remain Important

PSX Extreme - The battle continues to rage concerning exclusive titles versus multiplatform; while many see the obvious advantages of a developer focusing entirely on one piece of hardware, others complain that such an approach requires hardcore gamers to pay extra dollars for multiple systems.

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Just_The_Truth3138d ago

exclusives don't matter to those that want them but can't give up the pride to actually get the other system to play them on. companies to business differently that's why the studios and hardware behind them are so different we need that to progress.

firelogic3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Title is retarded. Exclusives will ALWAYS be important regardless of whether the hardware is equal or not. Until there's only ONE gaming console released in partnership by SONY/NIN/MS, exclusives are what they use to differentiate themselves from the competition. Without exclusives, why would one choose one platform over another? How would the big 3 make any money?