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NYC_Gamer3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

finally a new game that will challenge us instead of holding our hand

rdgneoz33347d ago

Let the masochistic fun begin!

RedDead3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Game is sure to be atleast in the top 3 Rpg's of this year, anyway the video ain't working for me :( there tis

Holy shi*....Strong contended for my Goty just like the first, has alot of competition this time though.

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SixTwoTwo3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Yeah this along with Skyrim will make it an awesome holiday for RPGamers and a nightmare for students :)

Chewy1023347d ago

I just hope that it stays a challenge. Once you learned where mobs are in Demon's Souls it becomes rather easy (opinion). Bosses on the other hand always kept their challenge, minus those few that had a god spot or could be sniped.

Scyrus3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

EPIC!!!!! My GOTY for 2011!!!

I like how people disagree with thats "MY" Goty, I didn't say it was anyone else's, MINE!!!!, trolls we all know COD is your game of the year

elbeasto863347d ago

haha kinda like how people disagree with my desire to finish Demon's Souls first. :P

flyingmunky3347d ago

I'm going to steal your GOTY and make it mine! Mwa ha!

Kee3347d ago

Well I'm gonna steal YOUR GOTY and play the shit out of it because game of the year or not, it'll be freaking amazing!

Other than that, I would like to point out the two phantoms running towards the boss at the end of the trailer. One of them will be me. haha

MagicAccent3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

If it's anything like Demon's Souls, but an improved version.
Then it wont be just your goty, let me tell you.

-Alpha3347d ago

My GOTY 2009, and the strongest contender for my GOTY 2011

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elbeasto863347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Well... looks like I'll have to get started on Demon's Souls, finish that first.
Edit: What's up with the disagrees? Should I just jump into Dark Souls?

blahblah3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

lol, for gods sake, no. if you like hardcore rpg genre, you'll have a ride of your life

they are different games so demon's souls is not requirement for dark souls. then again, demon's souls is just too awesome to pass by. just wait until PSN is back. playing demon's souls offline is the same as licking ice cream trough the glass. invasions and invading are 99% of fun even though single player alone is one of best games ever

disagrees are probably either angry ps3 fanboys because game went cross platform and trying to discredit dark souls (just read how some people claim they won't play dark souls since it isn't demon's souls) or envious xbots trying to discredit demon's souls since they can't have it. real gamers will play it because it retains same formula

in my case, demon's souls is best game of this gen. and dark souls fixing most of my gripes with demon's souls can only be better.

- retaining the game play/feel of demon's souls
- they promised new game is even harder, but retains fair factor which made ds so great. you could beat NG+++ at level 1 and never die since everything in game is avoidable. you just have to be carefull
- it is open world now
- retained same online game play
- weight actually plays major factor in speed (my biggest gripe with ds)
- classes are different when leveled up, in ds they were the same after few levels, making game less versatile
- now P2P which means waaaaaaaay less lag than PSN dedicated servers in ds since it avoids double mileage for data. now host and invader play directly without network roundtrips
- hopefully they removed static damage spells (the cursed+strength and no speed penalty was the only cheap thing this game had, game was flooded with n00bs playing with ToB+cursed+badass sword/axe with knock down)

elbeasto863347d ago

hahaha damn dude, did I hit a nerve or something? Regardless I started playing tonight and I just beat the Phalanx. I really like the game, it's just that shit can get nerve wreaking. :S

Giru0173347d ago

Can't wait, it's gonna be awesome to feel that thrill from my first DS playthrough once again.

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