The REAL Lost Planet PS3 v 360 Comparison

PS3 version of Lost Planet has finally been revealed. Here is an image taken from an exact angle with identical lighting. It is obvious which version is superior.

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Jdash244113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

so wait the other comparison was fake? im confused......does anyone know?

@sangheili........thanks man, bubbles4u

Sangheili854113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

The last one was from PSU. They compared pictures from the new PS3 pictures to the old 360 pictures which were release in 05. To make the PS3 look far better. Don't trust a site that is dedicated to a console to be honest. It was totally biased.

Is it just me or does the PS3 version look like it lacks AA?

WilliamRLBaker4113d ago

it does, it lacks AA, and textures arne't nearly as complex.

macsto4113d ago

William, this is why there should be another comparison post. The other one was not representing the truth.

diatom4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )



Same image... looks like the extreme jaggies were caused by the resizing of the smaller image to the larger size...

AdolfBinBush4112d ago

this article is spreading lies. its the same image. well done macsto.

AyeKay474112d ago

So explain the poor textures?

sak5004112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

LOL. Reminds of Splinter Cell DA PS3 vs 360 comparison.

Edit: @william
You're right. And the lack of AA and texture can only be attributed to 256mb texture ram of ps3.

WilliamRLBaker4112d ago

um yes..resizing an image only creates jaggies if it is a low quality image to begin with.
any high quality image can withstand resizing without any problems, oh and why are all the jaggies exclusively bound to the edges of things in that image? they appear no where else except along the edges of polygons, resizing a picture doesn't do that.

synce4112d ago

Both of these comparisons are fake. The REAL comparison lies in the hardware itself. Play Lost Planet on PS3 with free online and no chance of your console dying the next week, or play on 360 where you have to live in fear of the red ring and pay for online. NOW I think it's obvious which version is superior. (Last time I checked, a few extra jaggies didn't make or break a game.)

synce4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Judging from the agree/disagree ratio on my completely true comment, I guess there are just too many hopeless 360 fanboys on this site. No surprise every other news submission is done to make themselves feel better about their crappy purchase.

What have you to say now that the PS3 is $50 cheaper than the Elite, and offers free Wi-Fi, online, and Blu-ray? Originals like Folklore, Heavenly, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, and upcoming games like MGS4, GT5, FF13? "Uh, derr, derr, HALO SOLD 13 GAZILLION COPIES!!!1"

Mikey_Gee4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

I don't think that is the reason. I think it is more because you are just flapping away on your soapbox with a one sided point of view.

Buyers remorse is a b!tch and so is the waiting game!!

I will probably pick up a PS3 at Christmas KNOWING FROM EXPERIENCE that my FREE PSN is a very watered down version of what I get for the low price of $50 for 13 months ($3.84 a month to be exact). BUT with the PSN limitations (if Firmware V2 does not address the want) I may just use my $$ for other things.

I wish folks would stop pushing the FREE ONLINE ... it is like saying I get free DIAL UP FREE but have to pay for my 10Mbps broadband Connection.

As for BR (or HD-DVD) ... some of us don't want either and are not willing to pay for either until we are 100% sure who will come out on top. And right now .. NOBODY KNOWS !!!

I had one 360 (launch day console) crap out after a year, got a replacment from MS in 7 Days total and it runs a good 4 hours a day with ZERO issues.

So by all mean, preach from your soapbox, but expect to be taken up on your bias, one sided comments.

notsonice4112d ago

Did you even look at the other photo before you flapped your gums? No Jaggies in the smaller one, Jaggies in the larger one. Its not as difficult as rocket science, or even as coloring within the lines.

The two photos in the 'comparison' are in completely different environments and different lighting conditions, they just happen to be of the same object. This comparison is about as accurate as a Florida vote count.

TheSadTruth4112d ago

@ synce, get a life kid

everyone else

I don't know how you cannot look at that and say they look the same, the xbox 360 one is of the same model and has much better textures, no amount of lighting or in the environment differences can account for that much of a difference...

Omegasyde4112d ago



Seriosly some of the people above were the same people comparing the ps3 version of virtual fighter ps3 (finished) to the inprogress for (360). This comparisons make no sense and make fanboys of both sides pathetic.

Trully pathetic you guys. Common sense, compare the games when they are both finally finished.

Ju4112d ago

Well, it might well be true. BTW: I don't believe you the small image is original. It has a 800x450 size, which is a downscaled 720 resolution. There is no mode which supports 800x450 natively.

But if any, I would simply account that to the early development state. Could well be they haven't implemented all the filters yet (and this has happened before, eventually the games turned out fine, best example is the latest Folklore demo which has improved way over the early demo - IMO).

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macsto4113d ago

Yeah the AA seems to be missing in the PS3 version as well as some poor textures. But it's still early I guess.

4112d ago
macsto4112d ago

Are you blind? Take another look at the picture. Im starting to doubt you know what the word texture means.

projectile4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Lol you chose that screenshot to show that the ps3 version is better? The xbox shot looks miles ahead of the ps3.
My guess is that both versions will be pretty much the same in the end.

Madmax12819804112d ago

and get a life u waste of space anyone who looks at the screens from a true gamer pespective knows that the 360 one looks better. tbh i prefer the xbox360 but i like my ps3 just as much well who wouldnt with all the great games coming in the next few months. ppl need to start apreciating both the 360 and ps3 as there both getting great games. its a crying shame this site used to be great for gaming news but all the imature fanboys have torn the @rse out of this site (im talking about both sides)

StuffRokz4112d ago

madmax. people just need to play the games on their respective consoles and leave everyone else alone. why are people arguing over such little differences? all fanboys really need to just accept that both ps3 and 360 have their strengths and weaknesses, and they both have great games. but of course if they get to the level that nasim is at, they really become nothing more than a form of entertainment, IMO anyway.

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sonarus4113d ago

its quite clear which is the superior version??? The game jst got showed for the 1st time and its not complete yet. I honestly believe the ps3 version will probably look better at the end of the day because its coming out a long time later and they will need a good reason to convince ps3 owners to take a 2nd look at the game. Quite frankly i am not even gonna consider this title. Only capcom title on my road map is RE5 and that 09. Dark void vid was lookin pretty good though

HeartlesskizZ4113d ago

Ports are one of the things devs should get fired about.
Make a total new game for another console. If you to lazy then dont.

bluebrad19744112d ago

You can't blame the devs for sony's choice of hardware in the ps3.

segasage4112d ago

now that guy has a point.

HarryEtTubMan4113d ago

HAHA so desperate to compare the 360 to the PS3.LOLOLOL. Uncharted looks better than any 360 game to date. period. And it has the most sophisticated engine to date. until Killzone 2 arrives.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D