G4: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review

G4: "The execution should be familiar to fans of the LEGO games. Players work their way through each of the movies – four in this case, including the as-yet-unreleased Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – which have been broken into a series of five chapters apiece.

The first time you play through a given chapter, you follow the story and use set characters to solve puzzles, break things and collect studs (i.e. LEGO currency) according to the demands of the narrative. Once you’ve finished a chapter once, it can be returned to in Free Play, during which you can use any character to solve a wider range of puzzles. The ultimate goal is to unlock all of the characters, ship-in-a-bottle minikits, gold bricks and red brick cheats (“extras,” the games call them)."

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Adexus2770d ago

Lego POTC is the only Lego game I like, the Star Wars series bored me, Lego Batman bored me and I'm a big Batman fan, and Lego Indiana Jones bored me.