Valve DotA 2 Server Screenshot

As the mentioned, member vtor67 of playdota forums found out something interesting which seems nothing else then Valve DotA 2 server. This might be a Direct Proof DotA 2 is in beta testing phase.

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PoulCast2716d ago

This game will be so huge. I doubt the server stuff you are seeing here will be how it looks, seeing as the game will have integrated server lists, much alike any games nowadays.

distorted_reality2716d ago

That screenshot is from the Steam server browser...

distorted_reality2716d ago

Valve - Steam - Valve Game - Steam Server Browser....

shikamaroooo2716d ago

am i missing something it says 12 players are aloud wtf 6 v 6 dota games? hellllll no

PoulCast2716d ago

A) Beta purpose
B) Spectator/Referee slots
C) Standard Dedicated servers are 12 slots

As I mentioned, this are NOT how the serverlists will look like. It will be an integrated server list much alike LoL & HoN with the host being able to set between 1-unknown # of players depending on spectators players etc. etc. Without knowing anything, Icefrog developed DotA to become a competitive game, the frames ARE ALREADY SET! It will be 5v5, no discussion about this.

shikamaroooo2716d ago

few it would felt awkward having 6v6 games and i wonder how epic they'll make rosh look