The 15 Best Video Game Controllers Of All Time

Complex - The modern scientific standard for a controller usability is measured by the number of times a controller can be angrily thrown against a wall. But before controllers shed their wires, we paid more attention to minutiae such as ergonomics and button placements. And lets not rule out the biggest factor of the all: nostalgia. Put an old joystick or gamepad in our hands, and out thumbs remembers the combo sequences like it was just yesterday.

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The_Ultimate_Guy2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the PS2 Ds as #1!!! LOL maybe back in the day when the 360 controller wasn't around.

LOL PS2 Ds being #1 is a serious joke. The PS3 Ds is a better controller and even that one still pales in comparison to the 360 controller.

Ah well, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

RedDead2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I would say 360 > Ps2 > ps3. the only problem is the 360 can't be used for fighters...because it has a shi* D-pad. Better in every other way though.

Nice list though, loved the Snes and nes one's

fatalred alarm2717d ago

Although the new xbox360 controller fixes that problem. Got it but i abselutely felt robbed when i found out the usb recharge kit couldn't be used for use on my pc ( the reason i bought it ).

InLaLaLand2717d ago

The 360 controller reminds me of the Gamecube controller and the PS controller is similar to the SNES controller.

At the end of the day everyone has a personal preference.

Ace_Man_62717d ago

Shame your opinion is stupid

kane_13712717d ago

there is no real proof or supportive fact for what you say, or I say, since these are opinion pieces, at least he puts an argument for his opinion, what about you?

dktxx22717d ago

You call that an argument?

GrayFox2717d ago

My top 3 controllers

SNES, that dpad is just sexy and the button layout is great.

Dual Shock 3, good dpad, nice size, smooth analog sticks, don't like the triggers.

360, great for FPS, nice triggers and analog sticks, but the dpad sucks and it's a little large.

digger182717d ago

The analog sticks of the 360 have quite a big dead zone, which makes them not as good as the DS3, which as little to no dead zone.

This has been pointed oput on many sites who tested them.

HeavenlySnipes2717d ago

Its the same as the PS3 one, just without six-axis and a home button.

The 360 controller is only good for shooters. Racing games suck. Sports games (oh the horror! Try to do quick plays with the terrible Dpad :O) suck, racing games suck, and fighting games suck on it. Some people like its size better than the PS3's but I can play with both without really noticing anything.

2717d ago
death2smoochie2717d ago

Controller favorite all goes by personal preference...

guitarded772717d ago

As long as it's not a cheap after market controller I don't complain.

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