What can Apple do to improve gaming on its devices?

Apple is really giving Nintendo a run for its money these days in the handheld gaming market. With the editon of Game Center and a few other tweaks they are headed in the right direction. There are a few things Apple can still do to improve. Two of the biggest may be a better marketing campaign toward gaming and raising their standards for the games on the App store.

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bustercube3132d ago

Open source the dev kits.

JimmyJames703132d ago

uh huh. that would never happen while Jobs is alive. Plus, Android needs to become far more competitive and successful.

kube003132d ago

I think the Andriod market is already pretty competative

jha12233132d ago

There are a ton of games that I love playing on my iPod and a handful i like on my Android (way to go Amazon free app of the day!)

Part of the allure for me is a simple game, from a controls perspective. Mucking that up with crap all over the screen or an external controller would just be horrible.

They are doing great with games, I rarely find myself looking for another game and not finding one.