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"Ace Combat 6 isn't a perfect game. A lot about the presentation feels dated, the dialogue is drab, and though the sound effects are done well, the constant beeping that warns of incoming missiles is a bit much. But what Ace Combat 6 does well, it nails. The realistic visual design married with the arcade controls make for a game that anyone can have fun with. This is the closest to the imaginary dream of being in Top Gun that most of us are ever going to get."

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chanto234110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

ll be giving this one a try...

PS. I've never played any of the previous ones...can somebody tell me what this game is about. Is it action like shooting and blowing stuff or is it a flight simulator?

Close_Second4110d ago

...PGR4 for the skies. Looks great, plays great but a simulator it is not.

Panthers4109d ago

Its a great game. I played Ace Combat 4 and I loved it.

Shaka2K64110d ago

The PSP version is much better.

Close_Second4110d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

...explain how its ruined. Stop the fanboyism and back up your thoughts.

Your comment, as it stands, merely says I'm pissed off that its not on the PS3.

@WilliamRLBaker - AC has never been a simulator so I would not even dare to compare with one. Its always been firmly grounded as arcade air combat.

WilliamRLBaker4110d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

the series was never really that good, it was far below the flight sim standards of....well flight sim on the pc, The only way you can EVER play an flight sim game good is with a flight stick and throttle the psp version sucked it was basically a ps1 ace combat game.

Edit: ace combat is the only flight game on calibur to even approach flight sims on the pc most notable being flight sim by microsoft which is highly regarded as one of the best flight sims ever. So while its marked as an Arcade flight game, its still the only series that has been of a calibur to approach an actual flight sim on the consoles even if the series wasn't very good.

BloodySinner4109d ago

Shaka2K6, you lose a bubble. Congratulations!

gamesR4fun4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

just a arcade shooter w planes unless its changed lots from b4 it'll b a lot of fun for killa speed freaks. Hope they included some decent online tho cause the planes on this can b even more fun than Warhawk. Unfortunately you cant land it and take over a tank but still dogfighting rocks.

WilliamRLBaker4109d ago

I'm picking up the special flight stick and throttle copy, its gonna be great!

Bonsai12144109d ago

lower than i would have expected for this series. the bar was set high in my mind when i first played 4. then it was raised even more when i played through 5.

nothing gave the a thrill like that solo mission in 5 where you had to stay below 300 feet or something like that. one mistake and you were finished. does this game have any of those sweaty palm missions? and also, is the story good? because i enjoyed the canon that went along with the 2 other games i've played.

this was a AAA series, hopefully they'll sort the problems out when they port it to ps3.

btw, how much is the flight stick and throttle?

WilliamRLBaker4109d ago

I only know that the flight and throttle come in an bundle, the game the flight stick, the throttle and a special face plate as well as some extra documentation.

150 bux is the suggested retail price.

gogators4109d ago

It the only thing that keeps me on the edge with this one. I have been collecting too many accessories this generation, and some of them haven't been very good. I know there is a co-op multiplayer, but if there is some team skirmish, then I might have to make some serious considerations on this one.

supaet4109d ago

ace combat is always a 8-8.5/10 series.

stop being a fan boy

WilliamRLBaker4109d ago

the flight stick and throttle is top notch and works amazingly.

Bnet3434109d ago

Ace Combat was never a AAA series, it just scored around 8's.

Bonsai12144109d ago

in my book, its AAA from the level of enjoyment i get from it. and how does saying that make me a fanboy? i have 6 bubbles for a reason.

and the flightstick.. i want it to handle as well as the ol' sidewinder back in the day.. haha. playing TIE Fighter with a joystick was a blast (or maybe it was some other game... it has been like a decade..)

TheMART4109d ago

Hahah dude having one bubble more then where all of us start on doesn't say so much. You could have Sony minions in a group that vote for each other.

Those guys having 10 bubbles there are some that talk good stuff, also a lot that don't dare to speak their mind, afraid they get hit by the Sony Defence Force and loose bubbles.

To say you have 6 bubbles for a reason sound like you think you're all that, sounds pretty silly.

By the way, indeed Ace Combat series are always scoring between 8 to 8.5. They're not the kind of games that are scoring AAA above 90% mostly. And it really doesn't matter that much.

This is another genre the 360 widens its line up of games. Didn't Warhawk have the same average score? 8.4? And all the PS3 fanboys are so happy with it because its the only game they play???

A dogfight with 16 jets is pretty much fun if you ask me!

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