Player Affinity: The Witcher 2 - New Gameplay Features

Player Affinity writes: "The original Witcher was a unique game in many ways and was praised for the emphasis that it placed on your choices and their consequences. Developer, CD Projekt Red are aiming to use The Witcher 2 to push the series out of its cult following status and into a more mainstream success so as to compete with other big RPG developers like Bioware and Bethesda."

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Rikan2720d ago

This game will float me until The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Witcher 1 was fantastic...

Enate2720d ago

I can't wait to play the game I just wish the combat turned out to be smoother. He still seems to jump around like quite a bit. An it still looks pretty funny when he runs away from a battle holding the sword out in front of him. I Can't wait to play though didn't get to into Witcher 1. Though I'm hopeful this one will give me a much better experience and I will turn out to like it.

BeastlyRig2720d ago

what rpg has better combat? no complaints here!

Enate2719d ago

I wasn't questioning the combat overall just some aspects I thought would change. To make the combat more fluid is all. An as far as comparing it to other rpgs combat. There isn't one with the same type of hack an slash combat to compare it to. So a better combat system just comes down to preference.