CVG- Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Does survival horror and squad-shooter mix?

CVG: "You'd have thought, after the harrowing events of Resi 2 and 3, most would be happy to see the back of Raccoon City. Dark mansions, zombie dogs, deserted police stations, unstoppable mutations of the T-virus... let it stay scorched.

Capcom, however, isn't finished with the home of Resident Evil, encouraging us to storm the streets again in Operation Raccoon City.

This time though, you're approaching the events of Resi 2 and 3 from a different perspective. This isn't a survival horror game in the traditional sense. Instead developer Slant Six is sticking to what it knows: squad-based shooting."

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LightofDarkness3140d ago

Don't know about you, but I find it difficult to be scared of anything when there's a squad of heavily armed men around me at all times. Especially when the threat moves at the pace of continental drift.

RedDead3140d ago

It's not survival Horror...Resident evil =/= survival Horror. If this game wasn't called Re, no one would try and say it's survival Horror. It's a third person shooter with Zombies and Bows in it.

Rybakov3140d ago

i dunno cause normally what they call "scary" is just childhood scare tactics that never work

but if you wanna see squad based "survival horror" look at left 4 dead didnt really work there just run thru as fast as you can only shooting to clear a path

hopefully they can pull it say going back to core RE would be a start

BubbleSniper3140d ago

maybe they goin for L4D approach with this game?

but this 3rd person or 1st?

i know nothin bout it /google

newhumanbreed3140d ago

If they were aiming for a L4D style, I would have preferred civilians looting weapons and health to survive such as in the Outbreak series. Not assassins from Umbrella armed with weapons. Takes the fun out of the game when you're already supplied with those.

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