FTG Review: Elements of War

Elements of War (EoW) is an Real Time Strategy game set in the not-to-distant future. Mankind has created a crazy super weapon that gives armed forces the ability to use the weather as a weapon. Of course, things go terribly awry and the weapon that allows us to control tidal waves and hurricanes wrecks the world’s climate, devastating the planet. Crazy terrorists want the weapon, and you must stop them.

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TheStonedSheep3344d ago

Sorry, looks like Brink and LA: Noire will be taking up the rest of my time in the next month.

maxcavsm3344d ago

Kalyspo: publishing games that barely break 60 Metacritic for years.

JATOSIN3344d ago

Well did anyone expect this game to be a barn burner more like a flash in the pan