ATTN: Australians. If You Plan on Downloading The Witcher 2, You 'Don't Live in Australia'.

Australia is notorious for its unusually harsh censorship and banning of video games, but The Witcher 2 is falling victim to an unusual phenomenon. However, a small loophole has been discovered that will allow Australian gamers to avoid the censorship as well as a strange price hike.

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chriski3333343d ago

Wow that really sucks game looks great

jessupj3343d ago

Wow, talk about complete horse shit. We get a censored game and get to pay a premium for the privilege. Well done Australia, well done.

This is the reason why I buy all my games exclusively from the UK.

The_Nameless_One3343d ago

It still amazes me that Australia has has all those harsh censoring laws given that it was founded by criminals and rejects. I guess that's what happens when the prisoner goes on a jesus binge.