Atari Announces New Games to Show at E3 writes: "Atari has released their lineup of new games to be shown at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Their new games include the upcoing MMO, Tera, as well as new takes on arcade classics Warlords and Centipede: Infestation.

TERA is a fast-paced innovative action MMO that offers all the depth of an MMO with the gratification and intensity of true action combat creating an experience beyond traditional point-and-click-style MMOs.

Players will jump into a vast breathtaking fantasy world conjured by two dreaming primal gods and travel over rugged mountains, across searing deserts, and through hazardous jungles. They will arm themselves..."

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BeastlyRig2721d ago

Idk kinda losing interest in tera.. I wan't star wars!

DeadlyFire2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Matrix series needs a new awesome game since Path of Neo.

Will Neverwinter be at E3?