G4: Dirt 3 Preview

G4: "With most any game genre, you cannot underestimate how a rivalry between two game series helps push one another, where the consumer becomes the ultimate winner.

It was an especially exciting time when we had both the Colin McRae and Rallisport games pushing the all-terrain envelope in the early 2000's. Yet Rallisport developer DICE has long since devoted themselves to EA's Battlefield series, making our rally racing buying decisions all the more easier. So it is somewhat surprising that Codemasters has managed to belt out quality sequels every other year without the need of bona fide competition."

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earbus3139d ago

Last dirt in car view going into water was very impressive being blind for that millisecond great stuff the extreme approach to the menu system and ken block sux but day one .

Si-Fly3139d ago

I'm glad they got rid of the stupid trailer menu from dirt 2, that was so tedious to navigate.