PS3 sales on par with 360, launches aligned

Is the PS3 really suffering as badly as it seems? Admittedly, it's getting to a slow start, but many forget that the Xbox 360 faced similar challenges during its launch. In fact, when the launches are aligned, the Xbox 360 and PS3 appear to be selling at an equivalent rate. Of course, with the immense amount of negativity surrounding the PS3 from the gaming media, will sales be hurt during this crucial holiday season? The price drop and release of games, such as Ratchet & Clank, will help Sony hopefully keep pace with its major rival.

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SonySoldiers6123d ago (Edited 6123d ago )

Above and beyond!

THANKS FOR POSTING HAPPPY NEWS FOR SONY! Keep it up so we will make better sales for this holiday season!

BUY A PS3 or die!

nasim6123d ago

ps3 outguns x360 10:1 in JAPAN and 3:1 in EUROPE.

ps3 has consistently beaten x360 i EU and JAPAN ever since its launch . The only place where ps3 never could beat US is NA . However everything would be changing when ps3 is priced at 400$.

EU and JAPAN are dead territories for X360. The only place where x360 sells is NA

Rooftrellen6123d ago

Did you really think before you speak?

You're saying that with everything but NA, the PS3 can't keep up with the 360. That's NOT good when the sales thus far are about the same when the launches are alligned!

Heck, saying they're selling at the same rate is bad for the PS3, because, let's face it, except for Halo 3, the 360 hasn't been selling that many consoles, as is evident by its end-of-life-cycle-like attach rate.

Interestingly enough, you predict it will start selling better when the "cheap" SKU comes out, which would actually keep it pretty well in line with the 360 sales...

Captain Tuttle6122d ago

Just use the ignore button and he'll eventually go away. At least Bill Gates was funny...nasim is just annoying.

creeping judas6122d ago

its the same f**king post every time.
learn to copy and paste something else.

segasage6122d ago

" The problem is, "the same rate" isn't good enough. If the PS3 maintains the same sales rate as the 360 T-minus one year, it will by mathematical definition always be a year behind in sales. It will always be #2.

In order for the PS3 to catch up to the 360 by the end of next year, it needs to sell more than double the 360 every month. It's doing the opposite, and that's not good for Sony."

As this war progresses Only the games can save sony, since the 360 will always have a big library of games and will always be cheaper, so as this continues it favors the 360.[Sony cannot play a war of price with the wii or he 360], they can just home the price is ok while being more expensive then the 360 and Ps2 fans don't flock to a console with better and more game in their line-up.

Lets not forget the 360 also had some barriers the red rings and the early supply issues so Sony is very lucky to be where they are.

Rooftrellen6122d ago

Bill Gates was great! If I wasn't so confused about if he was really that clueless, and I thought he was really trying to be funny (he said some fairly insightful things every now and then, though), I would have given him bubbles!

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iceice1236123d ago

The 360 every month outsells it worldwide. Too bad for Sony I guess. I'm sure they are proud they could almost match the superior gaming machine at launch.

Bonsai12146123d ago

do you think that sales won't go up for ps3 month after month once the heavy hitters begin to lay down the hammer? (crappy metaphor.. haha) it took a year and gears before 360 sales began to significantly take off. i fail to understand why people don't give ps3 the same chance.

to quote someone on this site: "ps3 is selling just as well as 360 did at launch. but 360 had no competition and little negative media. ps3 has 2 strong selling competitors and loads of negative media. so if the ps3 is a failure, what does that make the 360?"

skitzoid6122d ago

Wouldn't the superior system be the one that actually works? It is still questionable whether or not the hardware problems are a thing of the past for the 360. The only place MS is beating Sony is in software and nothing more. Other than a few titles the 360 didn't exactly light the gaming world on fire in it's first year either.

Another aspect most people tend to forget is that MS all but pulled the plug on the XBox before the 360 even launched. Games kept rolling out although quite a few developers moved on to their new system, but MS stopped production on the XBox hardware (if memory serves me correct) nearly a full year before the 360 even hit retail.

Most of the people that now own a 360 once owned a Xbox. I don't doubt that "some" were once never XBox customers but I feel that is honestly a very small percentage (low single digits).

Myself, I always own them all. The only exception this time around is the Wii.

spammy_nooo6123d ago (Edited 6123d ago )

See that big swoop on the green(360) line? That just happens to be placed just about where sony's price drop(and 40gb sku) are landing.

This should be interesting. I haven't been following consoles very closely up until now(I was and still am mainly following the pc market with AMD and Intel, as well as Nvidia) so could anybody tell me what that big swoop was from? Did the 360 just start selling like hotcakes one day or is that curve explainable through something such as a price drop?

EDIT: Thanks for the answer.

Ace_Shooter6123d ago

you got it..... Gears of War. But after Ratchet, Uncharted and Haze are out it should be looking like that Blue Wii line. Dude 400?? Go get it now! i dont care if you're a fanboy of 360, you can't possibly be playing Halo 3 and Bioshock while passing up Ratchet, Haze and Uncharted! i have the best of both worlds, i just have a feeling the PS3 will end up being the better one.

spammy_nooo6123d ago

I got 2 disagrees for asking a reasonable question..... oh well.

snakeak6123d ago

Did they rename some Holiday Gears of War? Because I could have sworn console sales spikes had everything to do with Christmas, and very little to do with specific games.

chanto236123d ago

Those where the first truly great games to come out for the 360 plus Oblivion...

But i think PS3 will get the same response from the Uncharted, Ratchet and Haze trio...

BlazinEurasian6122d ago

The big swoop is the holiday season.

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sonarus6123d ago

gears of war sold a lot of 360's uncharted will probably be ps3's biggest system seller this yr. All it needs are tons of positive reviews and it will probably convince a lot of ppl to spend that doe. Granted it has no multiplayer however haze should take care of ps3's multiplayer needs.

Jdash246123d ago

wow whoever says the ps3 is doing bad is crazy...........if the ps3, with its bad press, high price point, lack of high quality gaming library, going up against the 360 and wii can get the same sales as a 360 that was in the market for a whole year by itself with lots of good press, then i cant wait to see ps3 sales after this holiday season

Siesser6123d ago (Edited 6122d ago )

A point people seem to gloss over too quickly. The first 4 months of the system's life went horribly, from a gamig perspective (I only got Resistance and Fight Night), but I knew that going in, and was happy with the system none-the-less due to its other features (loves me some Hi-Def movies). And people seem to expect, based on Sony's dominance the last two generations, that anything less this gen is a failure, and I guess that's their right to think that. No rational person would expect them to maintain the same market share out the gates coming a year later and over $100 more. I still think they'll come out with the largest percentage, but nowhere near the margins they're used to.

At around 5 million sold and matching pace, you've got to take proper perspective on what they're doing. They had an enormous gaming drought. They had competition. And their consumers have had to shell out between 1/2 to a full BILLION dollars more for the console ($100-$200 more x 5 million) in that year. That they're keeping up, despite all of that, impresses me to no end. If it were some new company, we'd be applauding the effort, but Sony's being held to a higher standard, AS THEY SHOULD BE. They're not perfect; they make mistakes and have slip-ups, as do all companies. But it's by no means a trend for them, and to take one or two errors as a sign of doom or irrelevancy is silly.

As far as I know, I get no medal or certificate for Sony coming in first place, so I couldn't really care less unless not doing so affects their getting titles, which hopefully won't happen as they continue dropping price and picking up steam. I wish them the best of luck in trying to go for the Trifecta, because as Nintendo can tell you, fanbase is largely an unpredictable factor.