Ten Games That Didn't Need Multiplayer

Dealspwn: 'Randy Pitchford rocked the boat a little last month when he called out developers for shoehorning multiplayer elements into their games, and the Mass Effect 3 delay has led to plenty of chatter again this month on the appropriateness of adding multiplayer to certain games. With that in mind, we thought we’d cast our eyes back a little to a few games of the last decade that really didn’t need multiplayer at all. Some are in here because it just felt tacked-on when lined up against the rest of what was on offer, some are here because they’re so broken they might as well have jettisoned the whole thing, one or two are simply shrugs. Whatever, the reason, here’s our top ten games that could simply have done without multiplayer…'

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Achemki3132d ago

Heh, Stranglehold! Didn't that have like $19 map packs too? Unbelievable.

Feel free to add Dead Space 2 to the runner's up.

FamilyGuy3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Since when is PSN a game? An "all fighting games"? Are you kidding me, if you don't wanna play them online then just dont play them online, complaining that arcades no longer exist is stupid considering how much money you save playing at home versus
1. spending money in machine
2. having to wait turns (big one)
3. spending extra on the shitty junk food in arcades
4. dropping (loosing) money from going in your pocket for change so often
Arcades were fun, but not more fun than having friends over and since having friends over for those in-person fights. If you want to see facial expression so bad why not wish for games to incorporate in-game video chatting?

This article is dumb, assuming a game would've been better if devs ignored an online component is idiotic. What makes you think that there'd be a difference beyond it simply releasing at an earlier date?

And Final Fantasy Online with no multiplayer would be more idiotic the this article itself.

fatalred alarm3132d ago

3. Anything That Uses The PSN

Really? i mean...REALLY? that's kinda low.

masterofpwnage3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Yeah that's kinda stupid, because that would mean mostly everygame this gen wouldn't have multiplayer.
Either a cheap shot or a fanboy or trying to be funny and failing

I think AC brotherhood online looks pretty dope and unique, not needed but glad they did. It made th game better.

gypsygib3132d ago

I agreed with the author until he listed Fighting Games. To me, fighting games are one of the few genres of games that absolutely need online MP.

I'm not 12, my friends can't come over and play everyday like they did when I was a kid. We all have jobs and responsibilities. If I want a match of SSF4 at 1 a.m., I need online MP.

Without online for fighting games, how else could people play MP regularly.

nolifeking3132d ago

I'd figure not being 12 would let you have friends over whenever you wanted, but that may just be me. Also, loving fighting games as much as I do, online gaming has a long way to go before it can truly replace a person there with me.

kramun3132d ago

I agree, it's far better playing against someone in the same room as opposed to fighting against some faceless person who may well disconnect as soon as you start kicking their ass.

floetry1013132d ago

I couldn't speak for too many fighting games online, but wouldn't latency be a big issue as well? Given the preciseness required for fighting games, I wouldn't want to play them online too often.

I generally find that when I have friends over it's a much more fun experience.

gypsygib3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Having friends over is more fun but a lot of people don't have time to have their friends over every day. Also, I'd never ask my friends to come over for an hour and a half at 11:00 when we all have work the next morning, it's just more convenient to play with them online.

sickbird3132d ago

Was this list made for the sole purpose of taking a shot at PSN without being obvious? i think so.

nolifeking3132d ago

I concur, seeing as the title mentions games, but uses psn as a "game" that didn't need online.

earbus3132d ago

Should be ten games that dont need singleplayer.