What Does The PSN Outage Mean For L.A. Noire? writes: "With just one week until L.A. Noire's release Playstation 3 users are beginning to wonder what impact this will having on their gaming experience. We already know that L.A. Noire will not have a multiplayer aspect, but you will be able to refer to your notebook for help from your friends and other Social Club members and you will also have access to a special suit that Cole can wear. This will only be possible if Sony gets the Playstation Network operational by May 17th, in time for L.A. Noire's release.

Below are a few questions that we have received from our fans, and we will do our best to answer them:"

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ksense3139d ago

well the ps3 version has an exclusive case so I am getting that version no matter what. Already preordered at amazon with release day shipping and $15 credit!. Amazon rocks!

Convas3139d ago

Yeah, I'm fighting myself whether to get it for PS3 or 360. Either way, like Ksense, I'll get $15 from Amazon which I'll use for InFamous 2, but I'm still torn on L.A. Noire.

3139d ago
Si-Fly3139d ago

@Clizzz : Unless you're a fan of swapping discs it has to be PS3.

guitarded773139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Yup, I scored it for $30 using my Portal 2 and SOCOM 4 credits... hell of a deal.

Q: Is there an online component to the game? I really don't know... bubbles for helpful answers.

NukaCola3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Not unless they confirm something now until release. They said this is not going to have MP or a Free Roaming mode. But the game is massive as hell and should take quite a bit of time to complete. It has to be 3 discs on 360, so this game is over 25gigs. I predict that you'll have quite sometime with it in both quality and length. Sorry if you wanted MP, didn't know if that disappoints. I for one am excited just to dive into the story itself.

@guitarded77 below

No worries. I am not sure if the exclusive content is DLC or unlocked, or a code or what. Either way I hope you enjoy it. I think it may be a GOTY contender and I give Kudos to Team Bondi for all their hard work.

guitarded773139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

@ NukaCola
Thanks... No I didn't want online, I was just wondering what real relevance the PSN outage has with the release of LA Noire. I didn't think there was online, just making sure I didn't miss anything. + bubs... thanks for the answer.

I guess the only draw back would be downloading DLC... patches still work, but DLC has to wait.

Headquarters113139d ago

PSN outage means nothing. I preordered for PS3 =)

xPhearR3dx3139d ago

Actually it does mean something. The pre-order bonus will be a redemption code, if PSN isn't up you're not getting your bonus until it does. That isn't really a big deal but this is. Almost every game has a day 1 title update. Without PSN, PS3 users wont get that update. If that update is very important, without it could cause problems with the game. Hopefully PSN will be up by then, and PS3 users wont have to worry.

PirateThom3139d ago

Actually, you can still download patches. They're on a different server.

TheLastGuardian3139d ago

When I pre ordered the PS3 version of L.A. Noire Amazon said I would get $10. Thats awesome that its 15 now. That's going towards the inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition. I wish I could play the Gamestop pre order mission but I'd much rather get $15 Amazon credit and day 1 delivery. L.A. Noire is gonna be amazing. PS3 exclusive content ftw!

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Ryo-Hazuki3139d ago

Well Sony just recently said a "few more days" until online restoration so hopefully by the time LA Noire comes out it wouldnt be an issue

metsgaming3139d ago

they said "at least a few more days" very different then "few more days"

soundslike3139d ago

"a few more days" is just business-speak for downplaying a week or more.

There's positivity, and then there's business-speak

If something seems vague enough to allow multiple interpretations while delivering bad news and still tilting in favor of the readers wishes, then you have achieved optimum business-speak.

sickbird3139d ago

Non of the social club features really appeal to me anyway. I didn't use it much with Red Dead.

Excalibur3139d ago

Should mean nothing other than Amazon can't get the extra case code from Sony.....Yet.

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