Retailers Doing Their Best to Move PS3 Supply: Price Drop Incoming?

The PlayStation 3 has been without one of its biggest selling points, the PlayStation Network, for a total of 3 weeks now. Online gaming is commonly a key focus for many current generation titles, and with the PlayStation Network down, a lot of the PS3's value and appeal goes right out the window. That, along with the fear many consumers are feeling after personal information was compromised on Sony's network, could be having a negative impact on PS3 sales.

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banditgoon3345d ago

Retailers doing their best to move ps3 supply; Sony doing its best to hinder that with PSN

Godmars2903345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Yes, because we all know Sony planned for PSN to go down...




ksense3345d ago

well they have been offering the 50-75$ bonuses even before the psn went down so I am not sure where this author is making a connection....

Big-Boss3345d ago

i dissagree AND bubble down for not adding a


Wobbuffet3345d ago

A price drop would be nice, time for me to move on from my fatty to a slim.

r1sh123345d ago

im sure if they do a price cut its so they can get sales up because people may rethink buying a ps3 after the psn fiasco

doctorstrange3345d ago

Nothing bumps sales more than some good old price cutting

Sev3345d ago

Yeah, I think it will really take off once it reaches $200 levels.

I think it's really Sony's last chance this gen to make an impact. The next gen is starting within a year or so, and right now the Xbox 360 is slaughtering the PS3 in the US.

The PS3 is the best value, but at $199, it's even better.

THILLREBORN3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

What are you talking about the PS3 has been beating both the 360 and Wii weekly in global sales. You are the poster and writer of the article but you say that the PS3 is struggling but know zero of the subject matter. The 1 year gap the 360 had is almost gone 3.4 million left and at the current rate mid next year this PS3 will be in second place globally. Wii's drastic decline in weekly sales have had such an impact that it's market share is 45% and shrinking. A year ago it was well about 55%. Call me crazy but if this trend keeps up in a year or so it will be tye with the PS3. You really should do your research since you are the editorial manager for your site...just saying bro not trying to be overly harsh I just expect more from someone of your status.

Dread3345d ago

yep Thillreborn
wait for next year and you will see how the plasyattion 3 catches up.. never heard that one before ;)

doctorstrange3345d ago

"Xbox 360 is slaughtering the PS3 in the *US*."

"PS3 has been beating both the 360 and Wii weekly in *global sales*"

So Sev is not wrong.

This is how it is:



That's sales. For quality, I believe PS3>360, but that is an individual opinion

Tired3345d ago

Lies...I used to have a wii...was offered one for free a while ago... I said no.

Price had nothing to do with that!

Wii hd may win me back regardless of price.

samurailincoln3345d ago

Maybe if they actually get affordable I'll buy one, keep it offline and, finally play MSG4 or at least wait for The Last Guardian to come out and then get one.

R_aVe_N3345d ago

So being the same price as the real version of the 360 is not affordable? Sorry that 199 version is a joke.

dbjj120883345d ago

Well, at least there's some discounting going on....

BigWoopMagazine3345d ago

Geez, at $199 you could get it just for the ability to play blu-rays, music, and netflix. The games are a bonus at that point.

etowntwo3345d ago

Not really .... There are better bluray players out there now that are less then $150 that do music, Netflix etc etc., but using wireless N.

But at $199, PS3 would be a bargain. That's for sure.

Sev3345d ago

Dude, you always have the nicest asses in your avatar. I'll buy you a PS3 for your ass database :)

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