Warning: New Beautiful Katamari DLC is a Ripoff

Gaming Today reports a ripoff and advises you not to buy Beautiful Katamari and encourage this kind of business practice:

Beautiful Katamari's "downloadable" content includes four new levels, each costing 200 Microsoft Points. The problem: the content is stuff that is already on the disc, only you aren't able to access it until you fork over even MORE money than you already have paid for the game.

i.e., You're paying additional money for keys to unlock the content that is already on the disc. Four separate keys, each costing 200 points.

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gamesR4fun5819d ago (Edited 5819d ago )

maybe not but still pretty low $#@$%% devs think were gonna take that bs bad enough charging through the nose for new content but the fact you made it and prepackaged it on a disk you sold is 2 much. How about giving the fans some value and actually packing that (erm 40 dollar disk with some playable content not crud you got to pay more 4

original seed5819d ago (Edited 5819d ago )

But i hate the idea that its already on the disc.

CyberSentinel5818d ago (Edited 5818d ago )

It's an interactive screen saver.

If this is what we got to learn from "the japanese" then, I will stick with Halo 3.


@1.4: Then you would have to call it Metal Gear 4 Online, because thats exactly what Konami wants you to do. Pay for the game TWICE since online is NOT included. Bungie puts it all together in 1 package, with Konami you pay for the same game twice. Xbox Live costs less then 1 game and provides coverage for EVERY games online capability. PSN's solution is to divide the game, and make lemmings pay for the same game TWICE. I guess its not so "FREE" after all.


@1.5: It DOES NOT come with the online game, it comes with a (demo) "starter pack", and NO decision was made as to "pricing" yet, get your facts straight lemming.


Blind Lemmings, You "Believe" The "FREE" Hype.

neogeo5818d ago

Halo3 should have the single campaign free but, $10 to unlock multi player, $10 for the good ending, $5 to unlock the weapons already on the disk,

And $25.00 to upscale the 640p to 1080p


DrPirate5818d ago

1.3, please tell me you're joking and that your only pretending to be retarded.

How is this Sony's decision? If you follow the Kojima report: Metal gear Solid 4 DOES come with Online play, then later on in the Year, Metal Gear Online will come out as a PSN download for 20 or so bucks.The download is basically an expansion packs with more maps, gamemodes and character customizations.

How is this the "PSN" solution if plenty of games aren't divided between singleplayer - multiplayer.

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TrenchaunT5819d ago

That's pretty stupid--but what do you expect from a game that looks like it took a good two days to make anyways?

jackdoe5819d ago

I thought it was 40 bucks because it looked just like the PS2 version...