The Eight Most Creative Video Game Boss Battles

GameDynamo - "Great boss battles can define a game. Creative fights can completely revolutionize games. Sometimes, the most innovative battles aren’t the most grand or even the most difficult. They’re the ones that most effectively put the game mechanics to the test and then tear the boundaries open, inspiring an ‘ah-ha’ moment and a sense of wonder that completely immerse the player into the experience. Here’s my list of the eight most creative gaming boss battles. To make sure I don’t just list all the bosses from one franchise, I’ve limited myself to one boss per series."

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kratos1233694d ago

man i loved cronos the titan such a great battle man.
a boss battle doesnt need to be hard it needs to special an memobrable thats what makes a great boss batlle

rabidpancakeburglar3694d ago

Agreed. I loved that battle, the batman scarecrow ones and the metal gear ray battles were awesome

QuodEratDemonstrandm3694d ago

Roughly half of the boss battles from MGS 3 and 4 would have been suitable for this list.

From 3. The Fear, The End, and The Sorrow.
From 4. Laughing Octopus, crying Wolf, and of course, RAY.

All of these were just brilliant.

Now I want to play MGS4.

rabidpancakeburglar3694d ago

I know but they all had the awful ending of the girls walking towards you (in 4, I didn't play 3) and you had to shoot them, I would say that the best from that was the crying wolf with the raging raven being the most annoying just because she was constantly shouting "RAAAAGE"

kramun3694d ago

MGS4,MGS3 and MGS2 were brilliant. They know how to make a game that forces you to forget you're playing a video game. Mostly because they made you wait ages to actually play it because of the frequent cut-scenes.

But it was great...apart from the cut-scenes.

jetlian3694d ago

had the wackest bosses in mgs history!! the only good one was the metal gear one at the end of the game. Best MGS bosses were in part 1.

Whoever wrote this must be young

QuodEratDemonstrandm3694d ago

I didn't much care for Raging Raven either. Crying Wolf and The End were favorites for precisely the same reason.. love me some sniper duels.

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Mainman3694d ago

My favorite boss battle of all time is from MGS3 against 'the End'.

CobraKai3687d ago

That was an awesome experience.

Goomb3694d ago

I do remember having a really hard time with the Stallord fight. Spinning wasn't my thing and it took me a while to get the hang of it. Of course it's a memorable boss and it was gratifying when it all ended... The battle against Cronos... yes, it was awesome and epic like no other!

Wobbuffet3694d ago

Some of the best boss battles i had were on demon's souls and MGS3, oh and not forgetting pokemon :p

B1663r3694d ago

Oh its been a while...

But way back when I was playing Quake 1, it was the first real 3d game I had ever played, everything I played before that was 2.5d Doom stuff.

And you get to the end of that first level and that giant demon comes out of the pool.

That is the most memorable boss fight IMO.

GamerSciz3694d ago

Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid is the MOST creative boss battle of all time. Remember the famous "controller switch"? He recognized controller slot 1 and would "predict" your every move. You had to actually physically switch your controller slots in order to beat him.

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