New Alan Wake to be shown at the Microsoft E3 briefing

@XG247: We will be seeing this 'new Alan Wake' at Microsoft's E3 Press Briefing.

XGN_Alex4413d ago

But what can it be id it's not DLC or a sequel?

NYC_Gamer4413d ago

alan wake, on rails with full body control

Thrungus4413d ago

That'd be exactly like Harry Potter then :P

RankFTW4413d ago

Haha made me laught but please God NOOOO.

RankFTW4413d ago

I bought my 360 when AW came out so here's hoping that it's a sequel to a great game.

gamingdroid4413d ago

Alan Wake was a fantastic game, if marred by slightly repeated enemies i.e. game mechanic. Storytelling was top notch.

I got the Collector's Edition which had dev team comments IN GAME with a video while playing!!! Best CE I ever got in terms of content.

SixZeroFour4413d ago

wouldnt it be great if the second game became the open world the first one was supposed to be...and still kept its graphics

slavish34413d ago

AAA kinect game! this will be why i get kinect

Shaman4413d ago

If that happens than LOL @ MS...First,whole bunch of Kinect titles shown couple months earlier,than rumor about Kingodms being Kinect game,now AW.All those promises of new hardcore games for 360 and gamers get this crap...

mrv3214413d ago

Put a $1 on it, you could probably buy microsoft with the winnings.

RankFTW4413d ago

I can feel the sarcasm just oozing from your post!

GrayFox4413d ago

Alan Wake, the real driving simulator.

DelbertGrady4413d ago

I call bullsh*t.

"XG 24/7 can confirm that, From a reliable ‘internal’ source"

Who? Hiphopgamer?

Shaman4413d ago

It will probably be at E3 though...

Fishy Fingers4413d ago

More likely just common sense. Recently announced, biggest game show of the year coming up. 2+2 I guess.

banditgoon4413d ago

yeah, Alan Wake kinda sucked so....

banditgoon4413d ago

Da kind bud noodle, what u puffing on?

WetN00dle694413d ago

Nah i dont smoke, the reason why i ask is cause well you might have not been all there when you played Alan Wake AND if you played it that is. The game is good GRANTED not the best but good none the less.

Foliage4413d ago (Edited 4413d ago )

Why settle for good?

Buy a PS3 and play great games.

maxcer4413d ago

"Why settle for good?

Buy a PS3 and play great games."

I did buy a ps3 and get the great games, but who want's to keep replaying single player games all year? sony is stuck in the past buddy, the ps2 one-player days are over

WetN00dle694412d ago

No need, I already have a PS3.

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omi25p4413d ago

alan wake was amazing and Different

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